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Cables to Go HDMI 1.3 Repeater Extends Signal 200 Feet

by July 28, 2008
Cables to Go HDMI Repeater

Cables to Go HDMI Repeater

1080p, HDCP-Compliant and with Version 1.3 Deep Color!

Dayton, Ohio, Friday July 25, 2008 - Increase the distance to reliably send an HDMI signal - up to 200 feet! This new HDMI repeater allows an HDMI cable distance to be extended to 40 meters using one unit or 60 meters using 2 units. This product has been thoroughly tested, and by using Cables To Go's Sonicwave™ cables, one can place a 20 meter cable from the source to this repeater. Then place another 20 meter cable behind the repeater to deliver 40 meters of "cable distance" (or 131 feet).

This new repeater employs a RapidRun™ voltage inserter so that it is powered at the source via the HDMI cable. This makes it easy for the unit to get power. One can place this unit 20 meters away and still power it where the source is and where power is readily available. Note: Only Cables To Go's new HDMI repeater extends HDMI by using the voltage inserter -- we have not seen this offered elsewhere.

The HDMI Repeater features a Female-to-Female connection for use with standard HDMI cables. Simply run one HDMI cable from the video source to the HDMI repeater. Connect a second HDMI cable from the repeater to the display. A specially designed inline HDMI power supply allows the HDMI Repeater to be powered from an outlet near the source device. The power supply connects to the source device via HDMI, delivering power to the repeater via the HDMI cable.


  • HDMI (v1.3 with support for Deep Color, CEC, x.v.Color™, lossless multi-channel surround sound)
  • Extend HDMI signal up to 200ft using SonicWave High Speed HDMI Cables
  • Unique voltage inserter (included) allows power supply to be placed at source
  • Supports full 1080p high definition video
  • Simple design and connections
  • Fully HDCP compliant

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About Cables To Go:
Cables To Go is a division of Lastar, Inc, a leader in computer connectivity solutions since 1984. Cables To Go uses the finest components and the latest construction technologies to maximize cable performance and ensure compliance with industry specifications for each cable and its designated application. Cables To Go also produces an Impact Acoustics line of audio/video devices that serves the consumer and commercial communications electronics industry. For more information, please visit Cables To Go.

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