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Impact Acoustics RapidRun Interconnect Review

by February 14, 2006
Impact Acoustics RapidRun Cabling

Impact Acoustics RapidRun Cabling

  • Product Name: RapidRun
  • Manufacturer: Impact Acoustics
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarhalf-star
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: February 14, 2006 18:00
  • MSRP: $ 115.97
  • Buy Now
  • 50-foot RapidRun HT cable
  • 50-foot RapidRun PC/Video cable
  • Component/SPDIF coax Termination Module
  • Component/SPDIF coax Breakout cable
  • S-VHS/Analog Termination Module
  • S-VHS/Analog Breakout cable
  • HD-15VGA Termination Module 
  • HD-15VGA Breakout cable


  • Very high performance to cost ratio
  • Easy to install
  • Flexible near future proof design
  • Very good build quality
  • Takes guess work out of pre-wire


  • Termination module wont fit in some low-voltage boxes


Impact Acoustics RapidRun Introduction

Pre-wiring your home for multi-media can be one of the most difficult challenges you will face. Heck it’s even tough for professional installers to get it right; and many times we don’t. Think for a moment about the following example. You want to be able to view DVD and satellite in your bedroom. You instruct your installer to pre-wire the room. He runs RG-6 to your room and up goes the sheetrock.

Now, you’re all comfy in your room but decide you want HDTV or to be able to use the system downstairs to view content. Uh oh, Houston, we have a problem! There are no component video cables or digital connections in the bedroom. What if you want dual displays in the bedroom; one for you and one for your significant other?

We see this situation all the time! In the past, I’ve always instructed the homeowner to put un-terminated cables in the wall just in case they need it later. Even in the best of circumstances, we have run into shortfalls because of changes or upgrades in the system’s ability.

Impact Acoustics recently introduced an ingenious system that solves many of the problems associated with pre-wire. They take most of the guesswork out of the process and create a near foolproof way to pre-wire your home for multi-media called RapidRun.

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