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Bully Sequel for Wii, Xbox 360 Gives Teacher’s Group a Wedgie

by March 04, 2008
Loosen up, Mrs. Henderson

Loosen up, Mrs. Henderson

Bullying in high school may not be one of the great plagues of our civilization. But if you’re a 14 year old misfit living in dread of that walk to third hour English, your perspective could be very different. But does Bully: Scholarship Edition for Xbox 360 and Wii contribute to this scourge? A coalition of teachers says it does.

The new game by Rockstar, makers of other controversial hits like Grand Theft Auto, is a sequel to the original 2006 Bully. One of the funniest violence-in-video-game controversies occurred when attorney Jack Thompson tried to prevent Bully from being sold.

Now the new version has hit stores and controversy follows. A coalition of teacher’s groups that represents four million school teachers across the world is encouraging retailers not to sell the game. In Scholarship Edition you’ll play Jimmy Hopkins, a shaved-headed tough kid who’ll use violence and various pranks to adjust to life at a new boarding school. The teacher’s group says the game glorifies bullying.

The truth is, the game is tongue-in-cheek and should be viewed with a sense of humor. Jimmy Hopkins finds himself at a corrupt boarding school after being abandoned there by his mom and new step-dad. A review of the game at IGN.com rates it at 8.7 out of 10. As a worthy sequel to its award winning predecessor Bully employs clever storytelling and addictive role playing elements, it’s very similar to the original on PS2. Its in-school violence is so over-the-top it shouldn’t be taken as anything more than a spoof.

Some teachers just have no sense of humor - but then we already knew that.

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yettitheman posts on March 04, 2008 19:45
Ah, Rockstar, the people that make the wonderful GTA series games!

Keep in mind, some teachers have sex with students.
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