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Guitar Hero III, Rock Band - Video Games You Play!

by November 28, 2007
Playing Video Games

Playing Video Games

If you’ve got a lot more paraphernalia sitting around your home theater system lately, you might just be part of the growing trend in video games you have to play.

The Guitar Hero franchise has given its publisher a giant boost, with the game’s third iteration blowing away even Activision’s own sunny expectations. The company has been pumping out hits with the success of both Guitar Hero III and Call of Duty 4.

In fact, that success may be attracting some unwanted attention – not just from competition in the form of Rock Band, but also an actual rock band from the 1980s. Recently in a Detroit court, The Romantics filed a lawsuit against Activision over a cover of “What I Like About You” that appears in "Guitar Hero Rocks the 80s" expansion.

Of course the cover was authorized, but the Romantics now allege the game’s version sounds too much like the original. (It’s sad to think I once respected this group.)

But then, what if this whole lawsuit is just a setup to sell more Guitar Hero? The Romantics themselves are saying you’ll sound too much like them when you play this game, so it’s actually a kind of endorsement.

The Man Comes Around

In true rock and roll form, this groundbreaking game is no longer just a niche, and is now being visited by some big corporate players. Viacom/MTV has teamed up with the overlord of the video game world, Electronic Arts, to bring you Rock Band. It’s sure to be one of the hottest tickets for the holidays.

To be fair, Rock Band isn’t just a lame Guitar Hero clone - in this game you actually have the opportunity to do more than just strum a virtual guitar. You and your friends will play together with guitar, microphone and drum set controllers. The whole kit costs $170 and, despite being a blatant effort produced by the man to compete in a market created by Guitar Hero, has achieved critical acclaim. The Xbox 360 version of Rock Band has received a 93% rating on Metacritic.com.

All this “playing video games that play you” brings new meaning to gameplay, and is probably the result of a wider audience being drawn to games. But call me old fashioned – I’m still satisfied with sitting on the couch blasting my buddies to bits with rocket launchers and sniper rifles.

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Wayde is a tech-writer and content marketing consultant in Canada s tech hub Waterloo, Ontario and Editorialist for Audioholics.com. He's a big hockey fan as you'd expect from a Canadian. Wayde is also US Army veteran, but his favorite title is just "Dad".

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Recent Forum Posts:

Cyberdemon87 posts on December 13, 2007 20:00
The damn game demands SP2 installed if you have XP and I'm not willing to do it
Davemcc posts on December 07, 2007 22:15
How does one go about playing GH3 on a PS3? So far, the game that's made specifically for PS3 appears to be unobtainable. Can you use GH3 for PS2 on a PS3? I'm taking a lot of heat here because I can't come up with a way to play this game on PS3.
stratman posts on November 29, 2007 19:47
My niece got this “thing” the other day, I went over to see it thinking “hey maybe it can teach these kids about musical instruments,” yup I was right.

It's only connection to a guitar is the shape of the controller, what a let down for me. I picked out Barracuda from the menu and attempted to “play” it, what a disaster! I need real strings and a whammy bar! Boy she just ripped into me laughing her little butt off, so I went home brought my “toy” and amp over and played Barracuda for her……. she's taking guitar lessons from a UM jazz program student now. I was right, it did help her to get into a real guitar!
wafflesomd1 posts on November 29, 2007 03:07
%76 Through the Fire and Flames on expert.

I win.
Gimpy Ric posts on November 28, 2007 22:37
Rock&Roll Ninja, post: 335326
“Kick! Punch! Its all in the mind!”

The real genius is the guy that put Playstation buttons on other objects. You can play PaRappa with a Guitar Hero guitar and play Guitar Hero with a Dance Dance Revolution dancemat. Personally I'm waiting for the same company to make a game for USB midi-keyboards Piano Hero!

"I got the Elton John Xtreme edition. Check out my sweet Rocketman skillz!“

”Screw you. My Billy Joel Remix (for XBox 360) totally rulez! Watch me score a perfect on Pressure!"

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