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Audio Precision Brings AP Performance to Loudspeaker Testing

by October 23, 2013
Audio Precision APx525 Audio Analyzer

Audio Precision APx525 Audio Analyzer

AP builds out electro-acoustic suite for reliable, high performance audio test from raw driver production test to final QA for finished devices.

Audio Precision, the recognized standard in audio test, today announced a new Loudspeaker Production Test suite, offering a new high bar in audio test quality for loudspeaker driver production test and final QA for integrated products such as soundbars, pro-audio powered speakers, smartphones and handsfree devices.

Audio Precision’s customers requested the features because they want to use AP’s highly reliable hardware and intuitive software instead of the sound-card based solutions currently on the market. Customers are also attracted to AP’s pricing model, with the production test package (including analyzer hardware and software) priced in the US at $7200 with no recurring licence fees.

In less than one second, the Loudspeaker Production Test measurement returns multiple results: rub and buzz, impedance magnitude and phase, key Thiele-Small parameters, SPL, frequency response, phase, and distortion (either total or specific harmonics). Polarity can be evaluated with the built in phase measurement, or by a separate half-second measurement. If required, air leak detection is measured in another half-second measurement. All normal APx functionality, such as floating limits based on a golden unit, smoothing, one-click automation and automated reporting are also available.

Selecting APx for production test is a good return on investment: the same hardware and software can measure speakers, power amplifiers and other electronics and APx’s easy automation allows for faster line setup or adjustment as test needs change. Because the hardware is reliable and ships with an ISO:17025 accredited calibration, test stations have fewer problems and no time is spent questioning the accuracy of results. AP’s three year warranty and free technical support ensures any problems are resolved quickly and painlessly.

In addition to the Loudspeaker Production Test suite, a new R&D suite has also been released. The new Impedance/ Thiele-Small measurement enables complex impedance and full Thiele-Small parameters. Waterfall (CSD) and polar plots have also been added. With this extended electro-acoustic functionality, APx is ideal for integrated devices: R&D groups working on different sections of a device (such as power amp, Bluetooth, HDMI, DSP and speakers) can share APx projects and results seamlessly, then send a single, lockable test sequence with limits and reports to manufacturing.  

Price and availability

The new electro-acoustic measurements are enabled through two new software options. Both options are available now from your local AP sales partner.

An APx analyzer is required to run the measurements. All models support the below options.

  • APX-SW-SPK-PT (for production test): Frequency response, relative level, phase, distortion product ratio, distortion product level, rub and buzz, impedance magnitude, impedance phase, select Thiele-Small parameters and modulated noise. Price is $750 in the US.

  • APX-SW-SPK-RD (for R&D): Impedance magnitude, impedance phase, real impedance, imaginary impedance, complete Thiele-Small parameters, energy time curve, impulse response, frequency response, relative level, phase, distortion product ratio, distortion product level, rub and buzz, and modulated noise. Includes all measurements in the loudspeaker production test measurement detailed below and polar plots and waterfall (CSD) graph utilities. Price is $1500 in the US.

About Audio Precision

Audio Precision is the recognized standard in audio test and measurement. Since 1984, AP has offered high performance audio analyzer instruments and applications to help engineers worldwide design and manufacture all types of consumer, professional and industrial audio products. For more information, visit http://ap.com.

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