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Oppo PM-1 Comparison and Conclusion


I compared the Oppo PM-1 headphones to all the other headphones I have in my stable. The headphones I own range from $300 to $500 a set. Were the Oppos better? Yes. Were they 2.5x to 4x better? I'd have a hard time saying yes. The clarity was certainly there as was the bass extension. The dynamic range was very good (bass even at low volumes was very good) but I didn't feel like the imaging was as good as it could have been. Side-to-side pans were well executed but for $1100, I expected more pinpoint imaging in a 3D space. The high frequency response was pleasant but could have been better extended. I'm interested to see how the soon-to-be-released PM-2 headphones perform. At two-thirds the price of the PM-1 headphones, I expect these to be much more competitive.

As a side note Gene DellaSala directly compared the PM-1s to his reference Sennheiser HD600 headphones and found the Oppos to be more dynamic and forward sounding.  They not only sounded louder but fuller, especially in the midrange.  However, he felt the high frequencies were a bit more laid back on the PM-1s while they were a bit more detailed and airy on the HD600s.

Oppo PM-1 and PM2 Headphone Comparison Review


The Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic headphones surprised me on so many levels. I expected them to sound great with high quality music, and they did. I expected them to be clearer and crisper than other headphones with traditional drivers, and they were. What I didn't expect was phenomenal bass response, a midrange that was absolutely pristine, and the ability to be driven by nearly any device. They were even forgiving of poorly recorded or compressed music. For $1,100, you want a great headphone but you might expect that they could only be used with high quality music. The PM-1s were perfect for not only critical listening, but were great for casual listening as well.

Oppo PM-1 Planar Magnetic Headphones

MSRP: $1099



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AJM posts on November 13, 2015 20:05
I have owned these headphones for about a month. They are simply the best sounding and most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. I can listen to them for hours with no discomfort or listening fatigue. They replaced a set of Grado GS1000e cans, and although they are in the same price bracket, the PM-1 is everything the Grados should have been.
Karen Molinares posts on January 31, 2015 23:54
Oppo PM-1 and PM-2 Headphone Review and Comparison
scaredsharp posts on September 11, 2014 18:27
Me want please pleaze
j_garcia posts on August 26, 2014 14:13
Got to hear these over the weekend. Honestly? They rock. As clear of a headphone as I've ever heard. Great sound top to bottom and bass was quite good. Most important thing I think though, they're really comfortable.
lillyblack82888 posts on July 15, 2014 18:41
Mm I may have to try these… they sound good.
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