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Audioholics 9th Annual "State of the CE Union" Event and Party

by July 11, 2007
2007 State of the CE Union Party at the Hilton Beach Resort

2007 State of the CE Union Party at the Hilton Beach Resort

Join us as Audioholics Celebrates 9 Years of Success online. We will be hosting our annual party at the Hilton Beach Resort overlooking Clearwater Beach in lovely Clearwater, Florida. This resort is located near some of the quaintest and attraction-laden cultural centers of Central Florida with plenty of access to just about any recreational activity you could imagine.

  • Date: Saturday, October 6, 2007
  • Location: Hilton Beach Resort, Clearwater, FL

The Event

The event will be open to manufacturers, custom installers, dealers, and consumers, making for a diverse audience of consumer electronics professionals and enthusiasts. This is a chance to hang out with some industry folk, relax at the beach and enjoy some good food, fun and festivities

State of the Consumer Electronics Industry

During the event Audioholics will disseminate demographic information we have collected over the years from literally millions of consumers and industry insiders in an effort to better inform manufacturers and CE professionals about current trends, consumer spending habits and the general state of the CE union. It will also provide an opportunity for Sponsors to showcase their new products or technologies in a static and/or active display in one of our three Live Demo rooms.

Party & Event Activities

  • Hosted at the luxurious Hilton Hotel Oceanfront Resort (golf, boardwalk, tennis, sailing, massage, shopping, pool, and of course the beach)
  • Detailed consumer and purchasing demographics gathered from Audioholics over the past two years, results of Google Analytics and other demographic data collected on the Audioholics website and forums (sponsors receive a printed package to take home).
  • Showcase and Demo products from our sponsors in hotel conference demo rooms (25' x 17' x 10')
  • Door prizes aplenty (for attendees of the Ballroom event)
  • Each attendee to the ballroom dinner will receive an Audioholics T-shirt, Silicon Optix HQV calibration DVD, ticket# for door prize giveaway, and more!
  • Live Audioholics staff panel Q&A session
  • Be part of a "live" AVRant.com Q&A podcast show with Tom Andry, Dina Clarke, Clint DeBoer and Gene DellaSala.
  • Video coverage of the event which will be displayed and archived at Audioholics.com.
  • Meet and greet with industry leaders and Audioholics staff members and writers
  • Training seminars on how to build your own acoustical bass traps and room treatments
  • Guest Speakers from Industry experts on various topics including cables, HDMI connectivity, and more
  • Live entertainment including exotic belly dancers, music, and dance
  • Ballroom (business formal attire) dining event (requires ticket purchase) with an open bar and buffet of a wide assortment of foods, appetizers and dessert.
  • Sponsored charitable auction open to the public (auction benefits go to Habitat for Humanity)
  • Four (4) Live 7.1 Surround Sound A/V Demo rooms featuring some of the industries best home theater equipment.
  • Two (2) Day Comprehensive ISF Training class offered by Sencore (registration is required)

Live State of the Art Multi Channel A/V Demo Rooms

Audioholics will have four (4) live demo rooms open to the public throughout the day on October 6th. The video in the rooms will be ISF calibrated by Sencore for the ultimate picture experience. All three rooms will be NON SNAKE OIL zones with cables furnished by Impact Acoustics, and DVI Gear.

Demo Room #1: Axiom Audio, Carada and Projector People

Axiom audio will be hosting a live demo of their Epic 80 system featuring 4 subwoofers and 7 speakers for an immersive surround sound experience. The system will be fully powered by their new A-1400 Digital Amplifier. Why 4 subs? Because 4 subs are better than 2 or 1! The purpose is to demonstrate that multiple subwoofers can smooth out system bass response so well that minimal bulky passive room treatments below 100Hz are needed to achieve uniform sound for every seat.

The A-1400 is the amplifier we’ve all been waiting to see and hear. Finally a manufacturer has answered the call of a true Audioholic by making an amplifier capable of delivering its full power supply into any given channel when called upon. Projector People will be providing the 1080p projector and HD DVD/ Blu Ray player and Carada will be demoing a brand new screen system. You better bring some ear plugs for this demo. People with heart conditions need to be under advisement that we are not liable for injuries sustained by experiencing this demo.

For more information on Axiom Audio’s new super amp, check out our First Look article.

Demo Room #2: Yamaha, RBH Sound, Auralex Acoustics

Get the ultimate multi channel and two channel audiophile experience unlike any you have heard before. RBH Sound will be demoing their new T2-SER speaker system which is an upgraded version of their T2-P system featuring their highly acclaimed Status Acoustics drivers found in their T-30LSE system. This system sets a benchmark for high performance audio. To complement this system, RBH Sound will be demoing in a full fledged 7.1 environment with comparable Signature Series surround speakers and matching center channel. Yamaha will be providing the centerpiece for the room with their highly anticipated technological marvel we’ve all been waiting for them to release. The room will be acoustically treated by Auralex to achieve the sonic nirvana worthy of what this system can reproduce.

Demo Room #3: Emotiva Audio, Carada, and Projector People

Emotiva will be debuting their new high performance 7.1 speaker and subwoofer system. If you think their electronics are a bargain, wait till you see what they’ve got cooking for speakers and subs. They will be powering this speaker system with their latest A/V processor and new multi channel amplifier to debut at our party. Projector People will be providing the 1080p projector and HD DVD/ Blu Ray player and Carada will be providing the screen. The room will be acoustically treated by Ready Acoustics to ensure that this high performance, high value system won’t be hindered by the room.

Exclusive Product info on new Emotiva ERS-12 Subwoofer
The new Emotiva ERS-12 features a 12" Hi Xmax, high pressure powered subwoofer with 24 bit DSP digital audio engine driving a 650 watt RMS Class D amplifier fed by their PFC high current SMPS. Features include auto room correction with supplied calibrated measurement microphone, advanced digital dynamics processing, automatic music/movie EQ modes with remote trigger input, balanced and unbalanced inputs. Compact footprint with Emotiva signature design elements. Factory direct price $699!

Demo Room #4: Dolby Labs & AIX Records

Dolby Laboratories and AIX Records are teaming up to provide the very finest high definition, multi channel audio experience imaginable. Featuring Dolby LABORATORIES scalable, 100% lossless, next generation audio codec, Dolby True HD and selections from the award-winning, HD Audio/Video catalog of AIX Records, this demo room promises to forever change your perception of surround music. Attendees will experience high-definition, surround music that brings them into the music in a way never before possible.

Dolby TrueHD encoding is the latest generation of lossless audio encoding adopted by HD DVD and Blu Ray formats and supported in hardware players, game console players , and next generation AV receiver products. Dolby TrueHD delivers studio master playback performance; identical to uncompressed PCM, in home entertainment systems.

Dolby TrueHD as executed in high definition optical media allows producers to add additional channels to their music and soundtracks, up to 8 full bandwidth at 96 khz/24-bits, and deliver them without any sonic degradation. To take advantage of this amazing new technology, AIX Records is preparing special surround mixes of some of their latest, as yet unreleased tracks.

Two Day Comprehensive ISF Training Course Taught by Sencore

Wanna calibrate your display like the pros do? Sign up for the Sencore two day comprehensive ISF training course. The very own Joel Silver (founder of ISF) will be teaching this course (details of registration coming soon). In the meantime, feel free to contact Sencore to pre-register (limited seating available). The first 30 people to register for this course will get FREE registration to the Audioholics Party so act NOW!

Door Prizes Aplenty

For those attending our Ballroom Dinner event, hold on to your tickets as you may just have the lucky # to win our wide assortment of door prizes from the likes of Emotiva, RBH Sound, Axiom Audio, Yamaha, Impact Acoustics, AIX records, Ready Acoustics, Auralex, Slappa and others…

Audioholics Party Sponsors (as of 7/26/07)

Platinum Sponsors

Axiom Audio  Yamaha
Axiom Audio    Yamaha Electronics

Dolby     AIX
Dolby Labs     AIX Records


Epson   Impact Acoustics

Epson                                      Impact Acoustics

Gold Sponsors

RBH Sound

RBH Sound


Emotiva Audio       Auralex


Sencore Test Equipment / Electronics


Contributing Sponsors

DVI Gear
Projector People
Silicon Optix
Ready Acoustics

Media Sponsors


Schedule of Events

October 5th: Registration & Set-up, Exclusive video interview shoots
October 6th: Live Demo’s, Educational Seminars, Ballroom Dining Event & Party (see schedule)
October 7th: Sencore ISF Training Part I
October 8th: Sencore ISF Training Part II


The demo rooms will be open all day of October 6th to the public. So here is your chance to kick back and experience some cool home theater products in a resort environment and without the hassles of a crowded convention center atmosphere. Meet the Audioholics staff and top executives of some of the industries leading manufacturers.

All REGISTERED Audioholics guests will receive the following items:

  • Ticket to the Ballroom Dining Event with eligibility to win one of our many door prizes
  • Passes to Educational Seminars (ie. Acoustics, HDMI Connectivity, etc)
  • Two drink tickets
  • Audioholics 'State of the CE Union' T-shirt
  • Silicon Optix HQV Benchmark DVD
  • AIX Records DVD-A Sampler Disc

Registration costs $50 per person and must be received before September 30th, 2007.


FREE REGISTRATION to ALL Dealers / Custom Installers, Manufacturers and PR

They say there's no such thing as a free meal - well we beg to differ. If if you are a manufacturer, dealer or full-time custom installer, registration is FREE this year (subject to available seating) upon validation.


This is going to be a great fun-filled and educational event. Come celebrate our success NOT just as an online publication, but as a growing community of enthusiasts and professionals demanding a higher quality A/V experience sonically, visually and intellectually.

Most importantly, enjoy great food, entertainment, and blow off some steam with industry associates and friends while listening to some of the finest home theater equipment on the market today!

Please RSVP to: [email protected] or fax us at: (888) 205-3402

If you are a manufacturer, there are still sponsorship opportunities available, please inquire by emailing us at: [email protected].

Thanks and we are looking forward to seeing you there!


Gene DellaSala (GDS)
President of Audioholics.com


Please download and fill out the form below completely and fax it back to us at 888-205-3402 to register for the 2007 Audioholics State of the CE Union Party at the Hilton Beach Resort in Clearwater Beach, FL.

Download the Registration Form

Please note that this only registers you for the Ballroom Dining Event. All hotel and travel reservations must be made individually by the attendee. Make sure you tell them you are making reservations for the Audioholics party so you get our special discounted room rate.

Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort
400 Mandalay Avenue
Clearwater Beach, Fl 33737

Main Hotel Registration Number: (727)461-3222
Contact Person: Michelle Johnson (Director of Catering and Convention Services)
Phone: 727-298-1496 ext 433


Special Rate per night is $169.00 for Audioholics Guests if registered before September 15th.

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