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RBH Sound T-30LSE Signature Tower System Review

by January 06, 2007


  • Product Name: Special Edition Signature Series T-30LSE
  • Manufacturer: RBH Sound
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStarhalf-star
  • Review Date: January 06, 2007 18:00
  • MSRP: $ 15000/pr
  • Buy Now

Model Name/Number: T-30LSE

Primary Use: Freestanding Tower

Series: Signature Series

System Type: 3-way Sealed & Bass Reflex

Frequency Response: 18Hz — 20kHz ± 3dB

Sensitivity: 91dB (2.83 Volts @ 1 Meter)

Recommended Power: 150-700 Watts

Drive Units: (2) 10” Aluminum Cone Subwoofers

(4) 6 1/2h Aluminum Cone Woofers

(3) 1” Silk Dome Tweeters


Crossover Frequency: 80Hz, 2000Hz

Crossover Slope: Asymmetrical 6-18dB/Octave

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Color: Custom Veneers Only

Grille: Black Cloth

Video Shielding: No

Dimensions: 15 ½” W x 60 ½” H x 18” D

Weight: 160 Lbs.

Warranty: 5 Years


  • Unparalleled audio performance at any price
  • Limitless dynamics
  • Lifelike soundstage


  • Big and heavy
  • Expensive
  • Bulky


RBH Sound T-30LSE Introduction

The RBH Sound T-30LSE system is a speaker system cut from a different cloth. It provides that "better than being there" sonic experience typically only found in unamplified live musical performance. It was born to reproduce music with unparalleled realism, free of dynamic range or bandwidth limitations. This system can go toe-to-toe sonically with some of the most expensive gear made and comfortably hold its own. With only 100 pairs being produced, you better get your dose of overindulgence before they are going going … gone.

RBH Hero Shot

RBH Sound T-30LSE Tower Speaker

There comes a time in life where self indulgence becomes a calling, much like a wolf is drawn to howl at the moon. Some face a mid life crisis by splurging on an exotic sports car in an effort to redefine their youth. Well I haven’t hit middle age yet, but I definitely feel my calling to self indulgence would include dumping some coin on a truly state-of-the-art speaker system.

RBH Sound is no stranger to Audioholics. In fact they are “speaker of the house” for many of our senior staff reviewers, including me. There is a reason to this madness – it’s called performance. As audioholics, we are always seeking to push the envelope of performance without breaking the bank. In this category, RBH Sound has been a shining example of what a loudspeaker company NOT driven by marketing and litigation can produce for true audiophiles.

First Impressions

When the freight truck showed up to the Audioholics Showcase home I knew I was in for some heavy lifting. What I didn’t expect was the truck driver to forget the lift gate, causing me to carry each 300lbs+ speaker (speaker packed in crates) off the truck. Luckily my neighbor, who just returned from service in Iraq, helped me carry these mammoths up my flight of steps into the primary listening room.


Crate  Plaque

RBH T30-LSE Crate (left pic) ; 30 Year Rear Panel Plaque (right image)

Standing at just over 5ft tall these speakers don’t exactly blend into a room, or carry a particularly high WAF factor. I would say they are designed for the serious audiophile who decisively creates a room specifically for sound… or is a bachelor… or both. Don’t try to convince the wife these speakers would look great next to the armoire – they won’t.

Similar in size and shape to the venerable T2-P system that we previously reviewed, the T-30LSE system takes performance to the next step by integrating everything into a single-cabinet design. There are pros and cons to this approach, which we will get to later in this review, but they look stunning as a single box.

RBH Sound is only running 100 “Limited Edition” matched pairs of this product. Since their preview at CEDIA speakers have been shipping to customers and reviewers alike. I was honored to receive the pre-production first run pair with RBH’s owner Roger Hassing’s personal signature stamped on the back. Each production pair also gets the “Special 30 year Anniversary” plaque and comes in numbered pairs.

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Recent Forum Posts:

GranteedEV posts on November 02, 2010 20:07
Hey gene, do you have the polar response graph on these? It's something i've gotten a bit curious about.
frostbyte posts on October 02, 2007 17:34
How are the subs connected? Are they still seperately wired as if you had a pair of 1010 SEP's or are they connected passively with just the speaker wire inputs? Is there 2 sets of inputs? One for the subs and one for the uppers?
frostbyte posts on October 02, 2007 17:24
I own the 661-SE's with 2 1010's and their bass is great and in my wife's own words “I don't think that it would even sound this good if they were playing right in front of us.” and this is just the 661's. I'm in persuit to upgrade to these or their reference line.

RBH speakers are amazing IMO and I doubt I'll ever switch unless someone can do better at the same price point.
Dragon99 posts on September 07, 2007 16:08
I had the pleasure of listening to these in the RBH demo room this week during CEDIA. The room was setup as a home theater and they were playing a clip from Master and Commander. I could feel the air hit my face as the cannon fired as if the cannon had been right in front of me.

I was very impressed with the speakers and only wish I could afford them. Alas I'll have to settle for their MC line most likely.
gene posts on April 13, 2007 16:10
I think AVrev.com is next followed by Absolute Sound ???
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