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DD Audio PM151 and ABC10 Conclusion


At $279 a pair, the DD Audio Powered Monitor 151 represents a very good value.  They get many things right including good sound, attractive finish and sufficient sound pressure levels for most near field listeners.  The PM151 adds some consumer features including a USB charging port, A/C outlet and easy connectivity to portable devices.  The PM151 does not have balanced connections and I had a hard time with noise where it has not been an issue before.  I was able to solve it but it is just something to keep in mind.  

The DD Audio PM151 speakers represent a very good value.

On the sound quality front, the PM151s sound good with a nice downward sloping frequency response giving them a laid-back sound.  In my opinion, the 500Hz to 1kHz range was a little excessive but nothing offensive.  I preferred the speakers slightly above my ears, which improved things for me.  Ultimately, the sound seems to vary quite a bit based on placement so it should be possible to adjust these speakers to taste.  For the given price tag, they are well constructed and attractive.

The ABC-10 subwoofer plate amplifier and driver are both nice for the $429 price point.  The subwoofer easily keeps up with the PM151s in most rooms so they complement each other well. The ABC-10 cabinet uses 5/8 inch MDF on the front, back, sides and top, which makes it pretty light.  The subwoofer sounds good for music and is a good sound quality match for the PM151.  I never had issues with the subwoofer bottoming out or sounding bad.   

Acoustically integrating the ABC-10 with the PM151 was not as intuitive as the switches would indicate.  I got the best results by turning off the high pass filter on the PM151s and using a RTA to adjust the ABC-10.  Once they are dialed in, they sound good on just about any recording.  The stereo imaging for music was nothing special but I do not know of a $279/pair desktop monitor that has amazing imaging.

Stock Pictures

DD Audio PM151 (left) and ABC10 (right)

DD Audio PM15S1 Powered Monitors and ABC10 Subwoofer Review

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