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digiZoid ZO2 Suggestions


While the digiZoid ZO2 Personal (not a) Subwoofer is a good product, there are some suggestions that I think would take it to greatness.

  • In-Line Controls Pass-through - This is a must. Beyond the price, there can be no greater deterrent to sales than the fact that the ZO2 makes the in-line controls and mic inoperable. There may be technical reasons why the ZO2 cannot be made to do this. If so, digiZoid would do well to explain why on their website/marketing material.
  • Hiss Filter - Noisy outputs are a fact of life. I'd like to see digiZoid add some sort of hiss filter to correct for that. A defeatable filter with a switch would be best.
  • Control Feedback - Part of me wants to say that 32 levels of bass-boost is about 22 too many. But, honestly, I like how you can fine tune your boost. What I don't like is that there is no way of really knowing what setting you are using without counting your button presses.
  • Phone Connection - While I'm at a loss for a specific solution, surely one of the engineers over at digiZoid can come up with some way to connect the ZO2 to your phone for easier transport. The Velcro solution I use works great but I doubt it is something everyone would be interested in.
  • Sturdier Case - Adding any sort of weight to the ZO2 is a risky proposition. Part of the allure of the ZO2 is that it is so small and light. But working with the Velcro made me realize just how fragile that case is. It will surely handle any fall or drop but I don't think it would do well if stepped on. Every time I pulled it off the back of my phone, I could feel the case flex. A better enclosure would be a nice upgrade and worth the added weight in my opinion.



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Anderssen posts on January 14, 2013 22:47
Your reading comprehension sucks, JohnA. It is NOT an amp with bass boost. Read every available review and they all have great things to say about this product – and that it is much better than what a Fiio + EQ will give you.
JohnA posts on September 26, 2012 17:13
So it is a Headphone preamp with bass boost:

So I can get this one for a whole lot less and use my EQ settings to boost the bass:

FiiO E11 Headphone Amplifier 230-106
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