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digiZoid ZO2 Conclusion and Ratings


The old adage that you are hardest on the ones you love is true in the case of the digiZoid ZO2. I really, really like this product. Even if it didn't increase battery life, I think the bass boost is one of the cleanest and most natural I've heard. The large number of adjustable levels means you can fine tune your experience to your exact preferences. The small size and light weight makes the ZO2 easy to transport and use in multiple situations. While the product is not perfect, I think its performance easily justifies its price.

At $120, I don't think everyone will agree with that last statement. The digiZoid is certainly a niche product for those that really love their headphones and crave gadgets. With the large increase in volume taking some of the pressure off your phone's battery and a built-in analogue bass boost, the ZO2 performs as promised. If I found one of these in my Christmas stocking, I'd be thrilled. I'm betting a lot of other audioholics would react the same.


digiZoid Z02 Personal Subwoofer

$119.95 (free worldwide shipping)


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Anderssen posts on January 14, 2013 22:47
Your reading comprehension sucks, JohnA. It is NOT an amp with bass boost. Read every available review and they all have great things to say about this product – and that it is much better than what a Fiio + EQ will give you.
JohnA posts on September 26, 2012 17:13
So it is a Headphone preamp with bass boost:

So I can get this one for a whole lot less and use my EQ settings to boost the bass:

FiiO E11 Headphone Amplifier 230-106
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