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Axiom Audio A-1400-8 Power Amplifier First Look




  • Product Name: A-1400-8
  • Manufacturer: Axiom Audio
  • Review Date: October 10, 2007 16:55
  • MSRP: $3850
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

FREQUENCY RESPONSE 4Ω 10 Hz to 20 kHz +0 dB, -0.5 dB


TOTAL HARMONIC 1 kHz < 0.03%

DISTORTION (THD+N) 20 kHz < 0.03%

RISE TIME <8uS (500 W)


GAIN 25.8 dB



OUTPUT VOLTAGE 180Vpp / 53Vrms


  • EACH CHANNEL 8 Ohms 350 W <0.7% THD+N
  • 4 Ohms 700 W <0.7% THD+N
  • 2Ohms 1200W <0.7% THD+N
  • Max. 1440 W

INPUTS 8 single-ended via ¼” connectors with RCA adapters / 8 balanced via XLR connectors

OUTPUTS 8 amplifier channels via five-way binding posts

REMOTE CONNECTORS 12 VDC or VAC In (12 V trigger) via a 3.5 mm connector

POWER Standby 60 W


Axiom Audio unveiled their new 8 channel A-1400-8 1400 watt power amplifier at the Audioholics State of the CE Union Event in Clearwater Beach Florida on October 6th, 2007.  With the release of this new proprietary switching amplifier, they are attempting to reach out to a new segment of the consumer audio field.  Leveraging Axiom’s subwoofer expertise, the A1400-8 is said to eliminate annoying—and possibly damaging—signal clipping via a revolutionary engineering design capable of directing all 1,400 watts dynamically to any channel as needed.  According to Axiom Audio, the A1400-8 digital amp assigns power when and where required, regardless of how many channels (up to eight) are connected to the system, making it an ideal amplifier for dynamic sources encoded in Dolby TrueHD and other high definition entertainment standards.

According to Ian Colquhoun, president and chief designer of Axiom Audio, “The A1400-8 is not only innovative, but also a real money-saver for quality home audio and home theater systems,”  “Duplicating this kind of dynamic headroom with other amplifiers would require a stack of expensive monoblock amps.  The A1400-8’s output power can satisfy the needs of exceptionally large media or living rooms, yet still deliver live-sound quality even at high volume.”

Design Breakthrough

A-1400 backConventional amplifiers are susceptible to clipping—the introduction of harmonic and intermodulation distortion, often heard as a grating harshness in the sound—when the amplitude of the audio signal exceeds the amplifier’s maximum output.  Clipping is usually encountered at such levels because the amp has a fixed output limit for each channel.  Axiom Audio’s A1400-8 overcomes this problem by instantly diverting power to the channel or channels that need it at any given moment.  With plenty of amplifier headroom and the ability to drive virtually any loudspeaker load without heating up or reaching physical distress, the A-1400-8 is ready to plow the field of power amplifiers and set benchmark power and efficiency records.

Initial Impression

A-1400 BottomI stared at the modest sized A-1400-8 and thought to myself, this product doesn’t really scream high end.  Its not huge, the faceplate isn’t overly thick, and I don’t see any glamorous marketing applied to its literature.  On the surface, it doesn’t appear like much, but crank it up and it means business.  Their demo room was louder than I’d ever listen too under continuous listening sessions but I never heard any obvious background noise or clipping from the amplifier.  I look forward to getting a review sample into my test bench and integrated into my reference system so I can really gauge its performance.   With 2+ years in engineering development, we will soon find out of  the Heinz ketchup slogan "best things come to those who wait" will be applicable to Axiom's new super multi channel amplifier.

The caution high voltage inside label certainly got my attention.  With such high output rails, and high efficiency, one should definitely use caution when contemplating on opening up this product to see the guts inside.  I will certainly be treating it with kid gloves as I start cranking up my signal generators while doing full power tests.  I just hope I don't barbecue my resistor loads in the process. 

Pricing and Availability

The unit is priced at $3,850.00 (U.S.); sales price includes all taxes and free delivery in the U.S., Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.  Canadians also receive free delivery (sales tax not included).  The A1400-8 digital amplifier is now available for purchase direct from Axiom Audio. 

To learn more or to place an order, log on to the Axiom Audio Web site at axiomaudio.com

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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