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Salk Song 3 Towers Speakers Preview

Salk Song3 Tower Speakers

Salk Song3 Tower Speakers


  • Product Name: Song 3
  • Manufacturer: Salk Sound
  • Review Date: May 01, 2016 21:00
  • MSRP: $2,895/pair
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!
  • Buy Now
  • RAAL 64-10 ribbon tweeter
  • 4” midrange with bamboo cone
  • 7.5” high-sensitivity woofer
  • 8 ohm design • 89db sensitive
  • 9.5” W x 14.5” D x 42” H
  • Frequency response: 33Hz - 40kHz +/- 3db
  • Minimum recommended power requirements - 50 watts

Executive Overview

Salk Song 3There are a slew of unconventional aspects of the new Salk Song 3 tower speaker, but one thing that really differentiates it is the high level of fidelity for the price: $2,895/pair. This makes it one of the less expensive speakers at AXPONA, but it doesn’t make it one of the lesser sounding speakers.  On the contrary, the sound was superb. Detailed highs, well-defined soundstage, and tightly controlled bass: all come together in the Song 3 for a sound which could match the quality of other speakers at AXPONA that were many times more expensive. New drivers offering high performance for low cost are one of the major keys to the how Salk Sound is able to offer this much bang-for-the-buck.

The Song 3 possesses a true 33 Hz extension, courtesy of the large ported section of the cabinet combined a new bass driver that remarkably manages both high sensitivity and a low resonant frequency while keeping a nicely linear response. The lower placement of the bass driver on the front baffle minimizes cancellations caused by acoustic reflections rebounding off of the floor out of phase with the direct sound, so a smoother frequency response in bass frequency bands can be had at the listening position. The bass driver itself employs a number of design choices for higher fidelity at low frequencies: light but stiff Egyptian Papyrus fiber cone, a copper sleeve on the pole piece for reduced inductance, and an aerodynamically vented chassis for reduced compression. Owner/Designer Jim Salk noted how the speaker came together after this bass driver became available, as the previous attempt at a $3k tower with deep frequency extension was aborted due to the inadequacy of the bass drivers which were then available.

There is a lot more to the Song 3 than just bass. A ribbon tweeter from the the highly-regarded manufacturer RAAL takes the highs stretching well out to an ultrasonic 40 kHz, and a very capable 4” bamboo cone mid-woofer with good off-axis performance is ideal suited for its assigned frequency band of 280 Hz to 3,500 Hz. The Song 3 can be had in any of the standard Salk finishes of the higher-end Salk speakers with no increase in price, which makes these an even greater bargain considering the high level of craftsmanship of even the standard Salk finishes. High fidelity sound with an attractive cabinet at slightly under $3k for a pair; a deal this good is sure to keep Salk very busy in the future!

The Song 3 can only be purchased directly from Salk Sound.


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Recent Forum Posts:

ematthews posts on February 05, 2018 15:07
I know this is an old thread but anyone know how these compare to the Ascend RAAL towers? Or heard both?
Swerd posts on May 24, 2016 08:49
Alexandre, post: 1138552, member: 73792
I would like to see the waterfall graphs!!
Waterfall graphs comparing speaker wire performance require speakers so an acoustic measurement could be made. If the speaker performance could somehow be subtracted out, the graphs of different wire performances would all be flat. Unless you believe the world is flat .

In all seriousness, these speakers themselves are much more interesting than kidding about speaker wire . They deliver more bass than I expect while in a smallish cabinet. The mid range driver covers most of the primary tones, apparently without stress, all while delivering wide dispersion. They are very attractive, especially at that price.
Alexandre posts on May 24, 2016 01:44
Swerd, post: 1138311, member: 5544
Even the most irrational audiophiles agree that dog hair-coated PVC-insulated copper wire makes better sounding speaker wire than Teflon-insulated silver.

I would like to see the waterfall graphs!!
ichigo posts on May 21, 2016 23:43
Interesting. So this would make it essentially a direct Home Theater competitor to the Ascend Sierra RAAL Tower? Since the original SC Songtower was an MTM, making it more suited for music, whereas this would be a true 3 way and have a much wider sound field.
Swerd posts on May 21, 2016 10:28
Dennis Murphy, post: 1138307, member: 29480
I can assure you the speakers were developed without the aid of elevators, other than the accumulated dog hair on my carpet. And the prototype wire was from Parts Express.
Even the most irrational audiophiles agree that dog hair-coated PVC-insulated copper wire makes better sounding speaker wire than Teflon-insulated silver.
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