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ES1 Conclusion


Fluance ES1 ConclusionThe Fluance ES1 loudspeakers are definitely an interesting design.  The build quality is on the very high side for this price point.  The slim and tall cabinet is attractive and looks good sitting next to a big screen television so long as they do not get knocked over on accident.  Sensitivity is on the high side so they can be used with most home theater receivers or standalone amplifiers. If you are inclined, they fully support bi-amplification into substantial binding posts. 

The ES1’s produce an excellent soundstage although the treble is definitely a little too high compared to the mid and low frequencies.  There is a substantial resonant peak at 150Hz that doesn’t really sound terrible, but the low frequency response rolls off below 150Hz.  This loudspeaker requires a subwoofer for music or for home theater.  The ES1 shines as an attractive and affordable home theater main loudspeaker.  With room correction or equalization, the ES1’s sound pretty good for music too, especially considering the price.



Fluance ES1 Tower Review

MSRP: $449/pr

1.888.61.SOUND (1.888.617.6863)

Fluance ES1 Product Page

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Joel Foust posts on August 28, 2013 13:44
Well, my first loudspeaker didn't sound too good either It was given to me as a Xmas present several years ago. It sits around as something someone who knows what they are doing with a guitar can play with. I haven't dedicated enough time to become good enough at guitar to warrant something more expensive; I need that money for more stereo equipment!
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Thanks for giving us a size reference with your Fender acoustic

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Thanks for giving us a size reference with your Fender acoustic. An interesting choice for an audiophile, care to share how you selected that piece of gear? I'm no snob, I play a Sigma with a Fishman Natural II pickup and d"Addario EXP Phosphor Bronze medium gauge strings.
haraldo posts on August 27, 2013 06:24
Interesting review, thx Joel

It seems like they put some high quality parts in here, but the cabinet rings like a bell, referring to the Cumulative spectral decay
I think they should find a way to better damp the Aluminimum

So significant ringing at 25dB+ must be very audible…..

I would not consider a speaker like this….
3db posts on August 26, 2013 15:21
Its working

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