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Fluance ES1 Tower Loudspeaker Review

by August 26, 2013
Fluance ES1 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

Fluance ES1 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Review

  • Product Name: ES1 Flooorstanding Loudspeaker
  • Manufacturer: Fluance
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: August 26, 2013 09:00
  • MSRP: $ 449/pair
  • Buy Now

Fluance ES1 Tower Loudspeaker System

  • 2 way ported speaker
  • 4 5“ Woven Glass Fiber Composite Woofers
  • 1” Silk Dome Tweeter
  • 40 - 160 Watt Amplifier Recommended
  •     Frequency Response: 72Hz to 20kHz
  •     Sensitivity (2.83V): 90 dB
  •     Impedance: 8 ohms
  •     Xover Frequencies: 3500Hz
  •     Dimensions: 51” H x 10.6” W x 10.6” D
  •     Weight: 31.9 lbs



  • Plays loud without a huge amplifier
  • Bi-amp 5-way high quality binding posts
  • Small footprint allows easy placement


  • Subwoofer absolutely required
  • Needs some distance from listener
  • Bright tonal quality can be fatiguing for some listeners

Fluance ES1 Floorstanding Loudspeaker Introduction

Fluance driverWith its quad 5-inch woofers and 1-inch silk dome tweeter covering the top half of the loudspeaker, the 51-inch tall Fluance ES1 tower speaker system is anything but vertically challenged.  Bordering anorexia, the ES1 is sensitive and colorful but stays surprisingly composed for a $449 pair of pillar loudspeakers.  With an interesting variety of loudspeakers offered, Fluance ES1’s design diverges significantly from the form of other Fluance offerings such as their XL7F towers.

The 15-year-old Canadian based company offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a lifetime warranty on all of their passive loudspeakers.  After examination of their build quality and attention to detail, it is evident that offering a lifetime warranty is a low risk proposition for Fluance.  One thing is clear; Fluance has selected a market segment and builds quality loudspeakers at value prices relative to the components used.  While build quality is important, the subjective value of sound quality is often the deciding factor for many consumers.  Fluance considers the ES1 “Higher Fidelity” loudspeakers.  We will do our best to objectively and subjectively interpret this statement.

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About the author:

Joel Foust's experience in quality control, product certifications and do-it-yourself loudspeaker design bode well for the consistent application and development of in-depth loudspeaker testing. Joel is committed to providing accurate results that are comparable for each loudspeaker tested.

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Joel Foust posts on August 28, 2013 12:44
Well, my first loudspeaker didn't sound too good either It was given to me as a Xmas present several years ago. It sits around as something someone who knows what they are doing with a guitar can play with. I haven't dedicated enough time to become good enough at guitar to warrant something more expensive; I need that money for more stereo equipment!
guessqjj posts on August 28, 2013 02:45
Thanks for giving us a size reference with your Fender acoustic

africord posts on August 27, 2013 15:22
Acoustic Guitar Size Reference

Thanks for giving us a size reference with your Fender acoustic. An interesting choice for an audiophile, care to share how you selected that piece of gear? I'm no snob, I play a Sigma with a Fishman Natural II pickup and d"Addario EXP Phosphor Bronze medium gauge strings.
haraldo posts on August 27, 2013 05:24
Interesting review, thx Joel

It seems like they put some high quality parts in here, but the cabinet rings like a bell, referring to the Cumulative spectral decay
I think they should find a way to better damp the Aluminimum

So significant ringing at 25dB+ must be very audible…..

I would not consider a speaker like this….
3db posts on August 26, 2013 14:21
Its working

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