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XTZ Cinema Series M6 & S5 Speaker Sound Quality Tests


And that brings us to how this system sounds.  I started with some stereo listening using a pair of the M6 on 24" concrete stands.  Once again, these speakers are designed to be crossed over with a subwoofer, so I mated them with my 2012 SVS PB12-NSD at 80 Hz.

 Feist - The Reminder

"The Limit to Your Love" is featured on Feist's The Reminder

One track that I go back to often, as frequent viewers might note, is Feist's "The Limit to Your Love."  One of the things that I listen for in this song are a good sense of spaciousness, as the recording captures a lot of the room ambiance. This requires the speakers to reproduce transients well with quick transitions from loud to soft, and to resolve the slightest sound of room reverb.  The XTZ Cinema Series handled this task fabulously, perhaps a benefit of multiple tweeters, as Dan Roemer notes...

Another benefit of using 4 tweeters is the ability to control the dispersion characteristics.  For instance, the off-axis reproduction, the sound waves that will bounce off early reflection points on your walls and floor, are still a good representation of the on-axis response, but will be attenuated, causing less “blurring” of the image and masking of subtle details.

Also in “The Limit to Your Love”, there is a passage with a few powerful, held high notes that will reveal any harshness in the upper mid frequencies, or in the case of the XTZs, the tweeters.  My current speakers exhibit a bit, but the XTZ M6s didn’t display any harshness.

 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

For big action, I turned to Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

For 5.1 listening, I used a 3rd M6 in a horizontal configuration below my screen.  The S5 surround speakers were placed on stands just behind the listening position the center of the tweeter array approximately 24 inches above ear-level, and wired in the “Dipole 3x” configuration.  One of the main design goals of the XTZ Cinema Series was high-output, so I grabbed a recent blockbuster, “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit”, and cranked the system up to reference level.  That was probably a mistake.  The XTZ didn’t shy away from the high levels one bit, and in the helicopter crash scene early in the film, where other systems might have compressed short of peak levels, the XTZs hit the top of the dynamic range and I was quickly scrambling to turn the volume down.


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haraldo posts on December 30, 2014 14:53
Mr_Owlow, post: 1052766, member: 69826
I listened to these again, and the brand new Master M2 at the Gothenburg HiFi show this weekend. They do have a forward presentation, and Marshall describes the sound well. They are very revealing speakers, so on sibilant recordings they sound harsh, on mellow recordings they sound mellow. The Master M2's sounded spectacular, the female voices they chose, (Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman and some others) were incredibly well rendered, with a truly High End sound. They played some songs by a group called Banyan too, and instrumental tracks sound great as well.

Did you hear what's the problem with the M2's …. As far as I know they were promised to get onto the market more than 1.5 years ago, but they're still not listed on the XTZ web shop, and there seem to be delays after delays… Was it mentioned anything in the Göteborg HiFi show when they will appear on the market.

I'd really consider to buy the Master M2 :-)
djreef posts on December 30, 2014 12:48
OK, so then I misunderstood. I thought the graph included the monster subs located on each side of the system as per the picture.

Jesus I gotta leave this site alone so early in the morning.

gene posts on December 30, 2014 12:44
djreef, post: 1065388, member: 39828
I'm having a hard time understanding how a HT setup can get a 4.5 stars with such anaemic LF response. Did I miss something? Is that just not important anymore in a 5.1 channel setup?

Satellite speakers are meant to be mated with subs. The speakers in question have a very large dynamic range and output above 80Hz which was a design goal of the speakers.
djreef posts on December 30, 2014 12:41
I'm having a hard time understanding how a HT setup can get a 4.5 stars with such anaemic LF response. Did I miss something? Is that just not important anymore in a 5.1 channel setup?

haraldo posts on November 06, 2014 15:19
I never listened to any of the models, but….
The XTZ speakers get rave reviews around here, wherever you turn… up to the point that it's been claimed that there's something wrong with the price, they're being seriously underpriced; especially these ones, which turned out to be the reference for one of the main audioholic magazines around here

Just have a look at the drivers………

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