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PSB SubSeries BP8 Packs dual 8" Drivers into Compact Subwoofer

PSB SubSeries BP8

PSB SubSeries BP8


  • Product Name: Subseries BP8 Subwoofer
  • Manufacturer: PSB
  • Review Date: April 16, 2024 00:00
  • MSRP: $1,500
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool

I’m on the hunt for small subwoofers, and the new PSB SubSeries BP8 ($1,499) has caught my attention. It’s reportedly the first of what will be a new generation of premium subwoofers from the Canadian brand, featuring nCore amplification and advanced isolation designed in conjunction with IsoAcoustics. The sub employs dual opposed 8-inch drivers — a design that has become popular for its ability to squeeze a lot of performance into a relatively small cabinet, all while reducing cabinet vibrations. I remember being impressed by the GoldenEar SuperSub X ($1,750), which also uses a dual-8-inch design, albeit augmented by passive radiators. More recently, I’ve encountered similar designs in the more affordable SVS 3000 Micro ($899) and the much more expensive Bowers & Wilkins DB3D ($3,499). All use a pair of 8-inch drivers in a bipolar design, and all can deliver impressive performance, especially considering their small size. Will this new model from PSB have similar success?

 PSB BP8 lifestyle

The drivers in the SubSeries BP8 are proprietary designs with woven carbon fiber cones and high-density filleted rubber surrounds, according to PSB. The “ultra-high powered voice coils” reportedly feature robust 45-ounce magnet structures. The job of getting these beefy drivers into motion falls upon a Hybrid Digital amplifier powered by Hypex nCore technology, conservatively rated at 500 watts. PSB says that the amp has “serious power to deliver epic dynamics for those big moments.” But it’s not just about having plenty of power available. “This power is incredibly refined,” PSB tells us, “allowing a high degree of precision and considerable control of the driver’s movement.” That control is fine-tuned by an Analog Devices DSP. Despite being packed into an acoustically-sealed cabinet measuring just 14” x 13” x 13” (H x W x D), the BP8 promises deep, powerful bass down to 25Hz ±3dB, with usable output down to 20Hz, all with low distortion.

PSB BP8 rear

To reduce mechanical distortion, the cabinet was engineered with an emphasis on rigidity and acoustic neutrality, according to PSB. But the force-cancelling nature of the dual opposed drivers is also partially responsible for eliminating unwanted vibrations and resonances, allowing the sub to “faithfully reproduce low frequencies down to 20Hz with remarkable detail and precision.” The use of two smaller drivers rather than one large one helps the BP8 deliver low frequencies with greater speed and musicality, according to PSB. (Two 8-inch drivers have roughly the same surface area as one 11.25-inch driver.) This design, along with the BP8’s “superior cone construction,” reportedly allows the subwoofer to respond quickly to audio signals and reproduce sound with exceptional accuracy. The last bit of detail is enhanced by the sub’s IsoAcoustics isolation feet, which are designed to prevent low-frequency vibrations and enhance overall clarity. The SubSeries BP8 is available in Satin Black and White finishes. Acoustically transparent magnetic grilles are included.

More information: PSB SubSeries BP8

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