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Procella Audio V18 Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer Preview



  • Product Name: V18
  • Manufacturer: Procella Audio
  • Review Date: October 09, 2016 10:00
  • MSRP: $7,499
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
  • V18 Dual 18 inch subwoofer sets new standard for high-output large room subs
  • Procella V-Loaded driver configuration increases output, lowers distortion and improves transient response
  • Output and bass extension exceed standards set by Procella’s P18 subwoofer
  • Maximum output 137 dB continuous, 143 dB peak
  • Low frequency extension to 18 Hz –3 dB

Procella Audio, manufacturer of high-performance high-definition speaker systems for home and professional cinema and music applications, announced their new flagship subwoofer, the V18 Bass Engine at CEDIA 2016. This dual-18 inch subwoofer produces reference-quality low frequency reproduction for the largest screening room and home theater environments, capable of continuous output up to 137 dB, with peak output of 143 dB. Though these numbers don't reference a frequency, distance or distortion threshold, they do sound impressive nonetheless and we are confident this sub has enough output to make Grandpa Simpsons teeth shatter.  Its sealed-box design utilizes Procella’s unique V-Loaded driver configuration, with amplification provided by Procella’s DA06-DSP power amplifier.

Procella Audio V18 Dual 18 Inch Subwoofer 2016 CEDIA Preview

In the V-Loaded configuration, which was first made available in Procella’s P860 speaker and V6 subwoofer, the drivers are mounted facing each other, angled at about 12 degrees to form a shape like the letter V. In playback, this produces coupling and a high compression loading of the drivers, resulting in lower distortion, improved transient response, and reduced cone excursion at high SPL.

Procella  Audio V18

Procella Audio V18 Dual 18" Driver Subwoofer

While Procella has always produced extremely high output subwoofers that include the reference P18, there are large rooms and listeners with requirements for low frequency reproduction at even higher playback levels. The V18 was produced to address those needs,” said Procella founding director and V18 designer Anders Uggelberg. “We increased the enclosure volume and added our V-Loaded configuration to enable the V18 to achieve higher sensitivity, 3 dB higher maximum SPL, and some 3dB more power at very low frequencies.”

With 1W/1m sensitivity of 105 dB, and power handling of 2 x 1,400W continuous and 2 x 2,800W peak, the V18 has an extremely high output capability. Its low frequency extension to a –3 dB point of 18 Hz enables it to produce massive output at subsonic frequencies. Its hand-made Neodymium subwoofer drivers have 4 inch voice coils and are produced for Procella by one of Italy’s top professional audio driver manufacturers. Each 8 ohm driver is fed directly from an amplifier channel through gold-plated binding post inputs.

The companion amplifier for the V18 is Procella’s DA06-DSP two-channel class-D power amplifier, which provides 1,200 Watts continuous to each driver. Factory-programmed amplifier DSP presets are used to optimize the subwoofer’s response and provide compensation for room placement. User-selectable options include subwoofer location against a wall, in a corner, or located in a baffle wall.

The V18 is as impressive visually as it is acoustically. To achieve its greater internal volume, its rectangular cabinet shape has greater depth than Procella’s traditional shallow profile. Its dimensions are 105 cm (41.3”) wide x 52 cm (20.5”) high x 67 cm (26.375”) deep. Its weight is 81 Kg (178.5 lbs.), and shipping weight is 100 Kg (220 lbs.) including shipping crate and pallet.

The V18 is in production and shipping now. Its cabinet and drivers, as well as the DA06DSP power amplifier, are all European-made, and the final product is assembled and tested at Procella’s factory in Ljusdal, Sweden. MSRP for the subwoofer without amplifier is $7,499 in the U.S., and the MSRP in Euros is €6,899.

About Procella Audio

Manufactured in Sweden and distributed globally, with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney and Stockholm, Procella Audio was launched in 2006 by two former Directors of DTS Europe, who created the first Procella speaker system for a 32 seat preview theater at the DTS Europe headquarters outside London. Procella loudspeakers deliver a powerful and dynamic cinema audio experience for the world’s finest home cinemas, professional studios and screening rooms.

For more information, please visit www.procella-audio.com.

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