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Seymour AV Center Stage Screens

Seymour AV accoustically transparent Center Stage screen in action

Seymour AV accoustically transparent Center Stage screen in action


  • Product Name: Center Stage
  • Manufacturer: Seymour AV
  • Review Date: October 30, 2008 08:51
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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  • woven screen fabric
  • 46.5 threads/inch (horizontal)
  • 43 threads/inch (vertical)
  • 0.024" thickness
  • 1.16 gain
  • -3dB at 45 kHz
  • Velvet border
  • RF motors and remotes standard
  • Premium Somfy® ILT motors
  • IR receiver & remote (option)
  • ILT wall switch (option)

Executive Overview

Seymour AV was showing off their Center Stage projection screens at the Audioholics State of the CE Union event. Seymour AV is primarily interested in making sure you don't have to compromise with a horizontal center channel and instead can use a vertically oriented speaker (preferably identical to your mains). To do this, they offer acoustically transparent screens. In the EMP room, the new EF70T tower fronts were paired with an EF70 bookshelf placed behind the screen. This placement behind the 83" diagonal retractable screen allowed EMP to put their EF70 speaker right behind the image, literally locking the center dialog's sound to the image from any seat. The other advantage was that the speaker was now at the same height as the mains to better match the off-axis frequency response of the L/R towers.

Currently, Seymour AV only makes retractable Center Stage screens, with the display model having the optional Somfy ILT motor, IR receiver, and remote. The 1.16 gain 83 inch screen was small for the large demo room, but their standard sizes start in the 90s and go up to 132 inches diagonally. Retracting was a brisk six seconds when we wanted to check out the EMP EF70 behind it. The Yamaha receiver measured the speakers overall attenuation at about -1dB from being behind the screen. EMP's 1/24 octave laptop measurements confirmed that it was all high frequency and benign. Seymour AV also had a static display with a micro-sized Center Stage screen to show the standard RF motor, optional brushed aluminum case finish, and to let people pet the fuzzy velvet borders.

We never once noticed any moire pattern in the screen, even as close as 8 feet away (the distance where you can begin to see the woven hole pattern.) This is an excellent screen choice for those wanting a more uniform audio experience in their front three channels.

For more information, please visit www.seymourav.com.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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dvc dude posts on January 07, 2009 06:20
Thanks mperfct. I will contact Chris for a sample of the material.

My set up includes an entertainment center and a 61" Panny RPTv behind the screen. I started with a portable, pull up screen but this is getting old. My concern is the image reflecting off of the background and reappearing on the screen as artifacts. I understand that this is not a problem with Seymour and would like to try a sample to ensure this will not be an issue for me. My front row is about 12 feet from the screen.
mperfct posts on January 06, 2009 14:34
mperfct, post: 505117
When I sit in the back row (m

What I was trying to say is that when I sit in the back row, it looks even better and the texture seems to disappear.
mperfct posts on January 06, 2009 10:04
I have one, and am pretty happy with it. I was very happy with in with my Optoma HD80. Now that I have a razor sharp Mits 6500, I can see some of the texture of the screen. I do sit about 8' away from the screen, and have good eyesight, so some of that is my fault. When I sit in the back row (m

Chris Seymour is great to work with, and he has new material coming out very soon (the Center Stage material is on sale now on closeout, fwiw). The new material should help my issues, and I am pretty excited. The XD material appears to have a bit more pop and is supposed to be slightly more AT. Small changes, but definitely better all the way around.
dvc dude posts on January 05, 2009 06:03
I am considering one of these screens. Does anyone have experience with their screens?
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