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Pro Audio SCRS-6c-iw In-Wall or In-Ceiling Speaker Preview



  • Product Name: SCRS-6c-iw Speaker
  • Manufacturer: Pro Audio
  • Review Date: April 02, 2017 20:00
  • MSRP: $1000/ea
  • First Impression: Pretty Cool
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  • LF Section: 6” high-output woofer
  • HF Section: 1” compression driver on concentric horn 
  • Power Handling: 150W
  • Sensitivity: 93dB 
  • Power Requirements: Requires amplification via PRO DSP amplifier
  • Power Recommendation: 100W, 200W or 300W 
  • Frequency Range: 125Hz – 23kHz
  • Maximum Output: 8-ohms 
  • Dimensions: 8”H x 8”W x 3.9”D
  • Weight: 7.8 lbs.

With architectural speakers creating all the buzz for 3D sound, you know that home audio company Pro Audio had to get further immersed in the mix.  With the recent release of their newest in-wall or in-ceiling speaker, the SCRS-6c-iw Pro Audio fully entrenches itself as a player in the $1k/speaker in-wall arena. The speaker measures in at an 8” square, but the 3.9” depth may be just what you need for your new Dolby Atmos or DTS:X flush mounted system.

Pro Audio managed to keep their 6.5” driver depth to a minimum by using a common magnet for both the high-output woofer and the coaxially mounted, compression tweeter, allowing the SCRS-6c-iw to fit into a standard 2"x4" stud construction wall. Pro Audio lists the SCRS-6c-iw with sensitivities of 93dB and 103dB per 1 watt input for the woofer and compression tweeter, respectively. The SCRS-6c-iw includes a passive crossover network so it can be driven with a single amplifier channel.

“We’re excited that the SCRS-6c-iw is now available nationwide. It is the perfect speaker for distributed audio needs. The SCRS-6c-iw is a uniquely small speaker that packs serious punch, providing rich, full sound to rooms large or small.” 

 Paul Hales, President of Pro Audio Technology

We think that this compact speaker will be a great addition to complete a surround and Immersive audio system in media or multi-use rooms.  The SCRS-6c-iw should also excel as a distributed audio speaker throwing sound in a wide 100 degree pattern so you can easily cover large rooms with fewer speakers.

While we expect this in-wall speaker to perform at levels we have come to expect from Pro Audio, to achieve the high sensitivities listed, the SCRS-6c-iw must sacrifice a bit of low-frequency bandwidth so we do recommend it to be used in conjunction with a subwoofer.

The SCRS-6C-iw is available for purchase directly from any authorized Pro Audio Technology reseller in the US and sells for approximately $1000.

Unless otherwise indicated, this is a preview article for the featured product. A formal review may or may not follow in the future.

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