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Sony's New 2mm OLED Display

by April 21, 2008
Sony improves OLED

Sony improves OLED

Sony is really pursuing this OLED thing to its biggest potential and put out a new display this week that measures just 2mm thick. We thought the original 3mm model was thin, but it seems Sony is still working on making the process even better.

The new display was recently shown off at the Display 2008 expo trade show in Japan, where Sony also debuted a new version of its $2500 11-inch XEL-1, the world's first mass-produced OLED TV. In this unit, the display panel "glass" measures just 0.3mm thick, about 1/4 the thickness of the prior model. We'll be terribly impressed when the pricing drops by about 1000% and sizes go up to 42-inches or more. Until then, it's fun to watch and wait.

A lot of Sony's technology is proof-of-concept and not slated for commercial release anytime soon - such as a thinner 3.5-inch prototype display which was shown off that measured a mere 0.2mm (0.008in) and featured a 320 x 220 pixel resolution. MP3 players and cell phones might be getting even thinner soon!

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