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SlingCatcher and Slingbox PRO-HD In 2008: For Sure This Time

by January 07, 2008

We got our first look at the SlingCatcher back at CES 2007. It’s the Wi-Fi enabled set-top box that streams web-based media, PC or Slingbox content to your TV.

We were told SlingCatcher would be released sometime in the middle of last year, but Sling Media went through a lot in 2007. Among other things the company was purchased by EchoStar for $380 million dollars.

SlingCatcher is used to sling media from one set-top box in the house to another TV - this includes a PC or a Slingbox. So, if you want to sit down with the family to some scintillating entertainment from YouTube, but crowding around the PC is a drag, SlingCatcher is the answer. Now you can sling anything from your PC to your main home theater television and kick back on the couch to watch the show via remote control. Powered by NXP Semiconductor’s STB810 IP, SlingCatcher can provide any TV in the house with unprecedented access to any audio-video media.

But what about HD?

Slingbox PRO-HD

Connect your SlingCatcher to the Slingbox PRO-HD and now you have the ability to sling that video content in high definition video. This new high-end box from Sling Media offers video up to 1080i and 5.1 surround audio. Better have an ultra-fast network though, if you want to stream HD video and 5.1 audio through the house.

No hard release date is given on either new device from Sling Media. The SlingCatcher should be available sometime in Q2, with Slingbox PRO-HD available in Q3.

With SlingCatcher’s updated release timeframe comes an updated price of about $250 for SlingCatcher. Slingbox PRO-HD will run you a full $400.

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