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Impact Acoustics Praises Success of Audiogurus

by February 20, 2008
Cables to Go and Audiogurus

Cables to Go and Audiogurus

Dayton, Ohio, Friday February 15, 2008 - After a mere 45 days of partnering with Audiogurus, Impact Acoustics (Cables to Go) is enjoying great success. "For a website to be live for such a short time and already drive over 100 orders for us, is quite exciting," says Joe Cornwall, Business Development Manager.

Most popular have been the Velocity Speaker Interconnects recommended for the Mid-Priced $5K Budget Home Theater System, the SonicWave Speaker Interconnects which received a product review rating of 4-3/4 out of 5 stars, and the SonicWave subwoofer cables which received a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Plus Joe adds, "Our partnership is an ideal fit for the discriminating Audioholics consumer. We're as committed to delivering realistically priced solutions to complex connectivity problems as the Audioholics reader is to uncompromising performance based on a complete understanding of the multimedia experience."

The Impact Acoustics HDMI product line includes:

Impact Acoustics welcomes Audiogurus as a business partner and looks forward to a long, successful relationship in serving the needs of its members.

kleinwl posts on February 20, 2008 16:12
You guys could really help your store by doing a “buy it now!” on the recommended systems, linking to the package in the store.

I know you don't carry everything that you recommend… but a package purchase of what you do carry and recommend would probably get some traffic going for you. Heck you could form partnerships with monoprice and a pioneer dealers to push purchases to them, you just handle the “one click” shopping cart.

The other hand of this… how are you going to “prove” that you are recommending stuff because it's the best option or because it is the most profitable for you? This is something that is really hard to prove… and thus comprimises your recommendations, no mater how “fair and even-handed” you are with your recommendations.

On the third hand (yes… living in a cave does strange things) maybe this means that your recommendations will be updated more than once a year, which would be a good thing!
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