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Denon AVP-A1HDCI & AVR-5308CI Firmware Update

by June 23, 2008


Denon has just announced firmware updates for their flagship AVP-A1HDCI 12CH A/V Processor. There are two updates which are tabulated below. The updates will only benefit users experiencing these operational issues. All updates are cumulative; meaning the latest one will include the previous ones if the unit had not been updated prior. These update corrections are for North America units only – other updates are available for other markets as well.

Models Affected: AVP-A1HDCI, AVR-5803CI

SUBJECT: Correction of the Firmware via DPMS (Denon Product Management Server)

Update #1 April 16th, 2008


  • If "Hi-Def-signal" of 720p inputs to the unit, it can scale to "1080i" but can not

scale to "1080p".

  • "Pop" noise occurs when the muting function turns on.
  • The noise occurs when the input selector is changed.
  • A different digital signal might be output to "OPT-4" output.
  • The connectivity of HDMI is improved.

CAUSE: The malfunctions occurred due to bugs in the firmware.

COUNTERMEASURE: corrected the firmware so that no malfunction occurs.

Update #2:
June 16, 2008


  • Addition of the Rhapsody Merge function.
  • When space is used for the character of SSID, Wi-Fi cannot be set.
  • Problem for Tuner preset memory when RDS is received.
  • Scroll speed of "Artist" becomes slow when playback music files with DLNA by network-audio.
  • Spelling error on web browser display. "Controler" > "Controller"
  • MVUP/down (master volume up/down) command can affect zone 2 volume if any zone 2 command has been recently sent.
  • No title via internet radio with the new firmware version 1.60.
  • When AVP-A1HDCI connects Marantz DV9500 with EXT.IN connection and chose "Monitor2", Sound output stops.
  • The disc where "Dolby Digital" and "TrueHD" are alternately recorded is reproduced. And, when "Dolby Digital" and "TrueHD" are promptly switched, the sound is not outputted.
  • When the stream signal of "DTS-HD MA 7.1ch" is reproduced by setting "5.1ch", the sound is distorted.
  • Noise occur from surround channel when playback a blue-ray disc "The Golden Compass" when connected AVP-A1HDCI and DVD3800BD.
  • The connectivity of "HDMI" and "CEC" is improved.

CAUSE: The malfunctions occurred due to bugs in the firmware.

COUNTERMEASURE: corrected the firmware so that no malfunction occurs.

How to initiate firmware update:

  • Turn off power of AVP-A1HDCI
  • Connect straight thru Ethernet cable from your router to the AVP-A1HDCI
  • Enter “Manual Setup” > “Option Setup” area of OSD
  • Select “Firmware update”

Do NOT use a wireless connection when updating firmware and make sure there are no power interruptions during this process. The update can take up to one hour which during the process will render your AVP-A1HDCI/ AVR-5308CI inoperable.

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