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Audioholics Party Event Update – Sencore ISF Training Registration

by August 10, 2007


Sencore is hosting a full 2 day ISF training course the two days following our party (October 7th and 8th). In this seminar you will learn what makes a good home theater, including pitfalls to avoid, check lists to follow, and ways to build your installation business. You’ll learn how the entire room ambiance including the video image, sound quality and room acoustics are as much a part of the home theater environment as the electronic components themselves.

This course will be taught by ISF Founder Joel Silver. If you’ve ever wondered just how good your display devices would look after a full ISF calibration, wonder no more. Learn how the pros do it and become one yourself. If you are a custom installer, this is a value added service you can offer your clients that will ensure the video portion of their systems is up to the highest industry standards.

Producing Picture-Perfect Video Objectives:

  • How to sell quality installation
  • Understand display types, formats & signals
  • Understand basics of picture reproduction
  • Understand luminance, color & saturation
  • Intensive hands-on video display setups
  • Obtain ISF Certification

Course Materials:

  • ISF Certification (upon successful completion of exam)
  • Sencore "Home Theater Tool Suite" Certification
  • ISF Video Workbooks
  • Color chromaticity chart
  • Equipment for hands-on labs
  • Color Theory & Analysis Training CD
  • Hands-on experience
  • Free registration to Sencore's Color Calibration Library

The first 30 people that register for this course will also receive FREE registration to the Audioholics Event/Party. Register NOW to take advantage of this deal.

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