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Amazon Getting 1000 New HD DVD Indie Titles

by July 03, 2007
Amazon and CustomFlix partnership

Amazon and CustomFlix partnership

Amazon's new on-demand DVD printing service will soon take on 1000 new Indie titles through the "One Thousand HD DVD Indies Project". The initiative is sponsored by Amazon.com and Microsoft and is designed to allow independent filmmakers to enter the market with lower costs and get their projectors sold online to consumers. The on-demand system, called CustomFlix, is one of Amazon's family of companies and will provide free disc authoring and setup services for up to 1000 Indie titles. The titles can be submitted through the CustomFlix website and enabled for sale at Amazon.com. The typical setup fees are $499 per title.

"From a technical standpoint, we found that the HD DVD format fits our business model perfectly," said Dana LoPiccolo-Giles, co-founder and managing director of CustomFlix. "With retail shelf space at a premium, our model eliminates the risk of carrying inventory and immediately expands the number of great HD DVD titles available to consumers."

Entries are being accepted now and entrants have up to 30 days following acceptance to submit their projects on video.

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