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Soundcore by Anker Space Q45 ANC Headphones Review

By Shawn Lawless
Anker Space Q45 Headphones

Anker Space Q45 Headphones


  • Product Name: Space Q45 ANC Headphones
  • Manufacturer: Soundcore by Anker
  • Review Date: November 03, 2022 00:20
  • MSRP: $150
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!
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  • Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • 50-Hour Playtime

Executive Overview

As a lifelong integrator and technology nerd, I surround myself with HiFi and tech on a daily basis. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the crème da la crème of HiFi headphones. So when Soundcore sent me their $150 Space Q45 Headphones,  I approached them with an open mind, not knowing what to expect. How will a $150 pair of Bluetooth headphones stack up to what I'm used to? .

Design Overview

Soundcore Q45 case

Upon opening the packaging, I was met with an oval pleather carrying case. While durable enough for general travel, it definitely would not protect the headphones from any blunt force trauma. Inside of the carrying case were the headphones themselves, folded up by their articulating ear cups. The case seems small on first glance, so adding the articulation for storage was quite clever. I removed the headphones for inspection and my very first thought was that the build quality was not what I was used to. I put them on my head and was surprised at how lightweight and comfortable they were. The foam comfortably hugged my ears and were a great insulator from outside noises, even while they were powered down. I stuck them on the charger and walked away for a couple of hours.

Set Up

sound EQWhen I came back to the now fully charged headphones, I powered them on and they immediately went into pairing mode. I searched available Bluetooth devices and discovered them with ease. I then downloaded the Soundcore app and began poking around. Within the app, you can change your ambient sound between noise cancellation, normal, and transparency, which turns on the internal microphone so you can hear environmental noises. The app also allows you to set a safe volume so as not to damage hearing, which I don’t think is necessary since the headphones weren’t able to go as loud as I prefer. Nevertheless, it is a great safety measure that can protect hearing for younglings. You also can select “Sound Effects” which is a collection of different audio profiles for adding and reducing bass and treble. Or you can go into a custom profile and adjust the equalizer yourself. The last thing in the app that was helpful was a list of controls that instruct you on the different button presses on the headphones for different actions. The app was very simple and well laid out. But also completely optional, the headphones function just fine without it. The physical buttons protrude just enough so you can feel their location and are easy to memorize. Different buttons have multiple features; double tap for this, hold for that. You can refer to the app for a refresher if you ever get confused.

Listening Tests

My first test was with my phone using Tidal MQA as a source. The package has a Hi-Res advertisement right on the front, so were they indeed Hi-Res? I found the audio quality to be satisfactory, not bad, but not exceptional either. On par with a $200 pair of Beats by Dre. The “BassUp” audio profile created a muddled bass. Under other listening modes the higher frequencies were  slightly muddied and there is more of an emphasis on the mid and low end. The different ambient sound options all functioned very well. The Active Noise Cancellation was solid, blocking out most unwanted ambient noises. Within the app, you can adjust the level of ANC you wish to use. The more ANC, the less low end frequencies you will hear. But I never found it to be problematic, nor did I feel uncomfortable pressure on my eardrums from the ANC. If I needed to hear environmental noises, I would simply put them in transparency mode, then I could carry on conversations with those around me. Normal mode turns them into a standard pair of headphones. The foam and closed back design do very well in blocking out external environmental noises.

Soundcore Q45

My next test was with phone calls. Every call I made was perfectly audible and clear. My friends on the other line said it sounded like as if I was talking directly into the phone. So the microphone quality appears to be pretty good. I also used them for my virtual meetings with my laptop, again everything I heard was clear and accurate, and I had zero complaints from those who attended the meeting with me. I could get up and walk away from my device and never once did I hear a connection issue or even a hiccup. I could put my device down and walk around my entire home while listening to music or making a phone call. The Bluetooth 5.3 connection is fantastic, probably the best I’ve ever experienced.


I continued using these for a couple of hours a day for different purposes and every time I would turn them on I would hear an announcement “battery high”. I eventually had to have one of my kids assist me in draining the batteries. Every day she would listen to them on our way to school and then for a couple more hours when she got home. The battery life is absolutely incredible, and definitely a standout feature of these headphones. They advertise a 50 hour playtime on their packaging and that seemed pretty accurate.


Overall, I was very pleased with how the Space Q45s performed. After long listening periods, I felt no discomfort from the headphones, which I often do experience with other headphones or gaming headsets. The ANC was very good, the Bluetooth and battery life were both excellent. They were extremely light and comfortable, and I felt zero discomfort after wearing them for multiple hours. Functionality was simple and I’m confident that anyone can pick these up and memorize button presses quickly. The app is a nice touch that also serves as a reminder for button presses.

Soundcore Q45 Pop

My only true gripes would be the audio quality and switching between multiple Bluetooth devices. I found switching to be kind of clunky and all switching has to be done within your device. I would’ve like to have seen a button on the headphones that can make the switch. But in all honesty, for $150 these are a fantastic value! Any minor complaints that I have with these are completely offset by their price and all the other things they do so well. The Anker Space Q45 headphones are a great daily driver for the average consumer who just wants something comfortable and reliable to listen to music and make phone calls. These would be a great gift for a student in need of headphones to help them concentrate and study. Everyone in my family had a turn with them, and I was the only one who came up with the smallest complaints. If you’re in the market for a budget pair of Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Cancellation, you should definitely consider these.

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