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PSB’s M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones

PSB M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones

PSB M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones


  • Product Name: M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones
  • Manufacturer: PSB Speakers
  • Review Date: July 05, 2024 00:00
  • MSRP: $200
  • First Impression: Gotta Have It!

PSB M4U TWM Customize Sound to your Hearing

First demonstrated at the 2023 AXPONA Audio Expo, PSB's M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones ($199) are now available. PSB Speakers was one of the first premium loudspeaker brands to enter the headphone market over a decade ago, and in 2020, PSB began a partnership with the Sweden-based audio personalization company Audiodo to make next-gen headphones that deliver customized sound. The new M4U TWM is among the first PSB products to result from this collaboration. The earbuds themselves are also anything but ordinary, featuring “advanced Magneto-Static technology and a Hybrid Planar dual-driver design for studio-quality sound in a compact form,” according to PSB. Dedicated transducers (one for high frequencies and one for lows) work together to provide a listening experience that is “truly pristine… with crisp highs, natural midrange, and deep lush bass,” according to the Canadian company.

PSB says that the M4U TWM utilizes “the same technology found in high-end magneto loudspeakers.” While Magneto-Static (a.k.a. planar magnetic) drivers are nothing new, fitting them into compact earbuds is not easy. That’s why there are relatively few planar magnetic earbuds on the market, even though full-size planar magnetic headphones (from brands like Audeze, HiFiMAN, and Dan Clark Audio) are extremely popular among high-end headphone enthusiasts. The M4U TWM’s planar magnetic driver handles the high frequencies, offering detailed, high-resolution sound even at low volumes, according to PSB. A dynamic planar midrange/bass driver delivers the goods in the low frequencies, and reproduces the natural midrange that PSB speakers are known for.

M4U TWM on guy

The PSB Headphones App includes the Audiodo Personal Sound custom hearing tests, which promise to deliver a precise and balanced sound, with Volume Dependent Compensation and four EQ presets for tailored listening experiences. According to Audiodo, these tests are based on a breakthrough technology that uses “a non-replicable set of algorithms.” The tests allow listeners to calibrate their headphones in a way that accommodates the unique hearing differences among listeners, and even the differences between their left and right ears. After users complete the hearing assessment via the PSB Headphones app, Audiodo Personal Sound “maps out a precise and thorough understanding of the listener’s hearing, calculates what changes need to be made based on personal sound perception, and formulates a compensation curve for the listener that can be applied to the overall headphone sound.” Although based on a different technology, Denon’s PerL Pro earbuds also deliver customized sound, and Chief Audioholic Gene DellaSala is a big fan. We hope to see this kind of tech become more commonplace.

TWM Side

Like all PSB headphones, the M4U TWM features RoomFeel technology, a special tuning that incorporates research on “room gain” to emulate the experience of listening to high-quality speakers in a well-designed room. RoomFeel reportedly minimizes the “in your head” sensation of personal listening, delivering a more natural and less fatiguing sound than other headphones, according to PSB. The M4U TWM also features aptX Adaptive Bluetooth for high-quality, low-latency sound when paired with compatible devices. A feature called cVc (clear voice capture) technology minimizes background noise for better-sounding phone calls, and the click buttons found on the earbuds make it easy to control volume, skip tracks, and take calls without reaching for your phone. 

TWM in Case

The smart charging case can be charged wirelessly or via a USB-C connection. The earbuds themselves deliver 8 hours of playback, while the charging case offers another 24 hours of backup power. It takes 66 minutes to charge the buds, and 2 hours to charge the case. Three sizes of silicon tips are included for noise isolation and a secure fit.

TWM Front

Designed for active lifestyles, the M4U TWM earbuds boast an IP65 rating, meaning they are sweat-proof, water-resistant, and dust-proof. Whether you’re caught in the rain while out and about, or working up a sweat at the gym, you won’t have to worry. In addition to providing access to the Audiodo functionality and saved sound profiles, the PSB Headphones App offers sound settings, adjustable noise transparency levels, EQ presets, and battery monitoring.

More information: PSB M4U TWM True Wireless Micro Planar Earphones

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