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Fanny Wang 3000 Series Noise Canceling Headphone Review

by July 13, 2012
Fanny Wang 3000 Series Noise Canceling Headphones

Fanny Wang 3000 Series Noise Canceling Headphones

  • Product Name: 3000 Series
  • Manufacturer: Fanny Wang
  • Performance Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Value Rating: StarStarStarStar
  • Review Date: July 13, 2012 06:10
  • MSRP: $ 299.95
  • Buy Now
  • Powered Amp + 50mm dual plated drivers deliver the cleanest sound reproduction in its class
  • Very Low Distortion
  • Built in amp with selectable Bass Boost
  • Up to 95% active noise canceling
  • 4 way noise canceling dual feedback and feed forward for ultimate reduction
  • Incredible range for all styles of music
  • 1.2m cable
  • DuoJack: built in, in-line headphone splitter
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod ready with remote and mic
  • Rigid foam carrying case
  • Two AAA Batteries
  • Pass through circuitry allows operation with dead batteries
  • Comes with: Standard conversion plug, two AAA batteries, conversion plug for aircraft use
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 105 dB (power on)
  • Frequency Response: 5- 28,000 HZ
  • Battery life (may vary): 48 hours


  • Comfortable
  • Has everything you need for home or travel
  • Built in splitter for sharing sound
  • Compact design
  • Great sound


  • Requires batteries for best sound
  • Uneven bass
  • Controls hard to operate
  • Soft case


If you are a frequent traveler, noise canceling headphones are either a thing you own or a thing you covet. Fanny Wang Headphone Co. has recently come on the scene with high end headphones that are targeted at the discerning consumer. The Fanny Wang Series 3000 headphones are a very nice sounding set of cans that feature not only a Pass Through mode for use when the batteries die but also Noise Canceling and Noise Canceling with Bass Boost. Part of that $300 you are spending on them went into the noise canceling but not all of it. While it didn't hold up to dedicated headphones in the same price bracket, it did well against some highly regarded, but cheaper, sets. When you add in that you'd likely be using them in noisy environments, that they are comfortable enough to wear all day, and that they included everything you'll need to enjoy these at home or on the road (including 1/4" and airline adapters), and you can see the value.
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