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B&W C5 Headphones Conclusion


B&W C5 HeadphonesIn the ever-crowded space of portable designs, its refreshing to see companies like B&W bring creative solutions that address the whole of a product.  The C5s total package isn’t perfect.  I didn’t like the included carrying-case and I found the microphone less than stellar.  I also have some concern about the translucent cord discoloring in the long-run.  I would also question the the incredibly rigid, high barrel design of the 3.5mm plug that may lend itself to being broken or causing a bend in the 3.5mm plug.

Nevertheless, the outward design features inherent to B&W’s C5 in-ear monitors make them among the most stable, comfortable, and fatigue-free in-ear monitors that I’ve ever listened to.  The innovative loop design and tungsten weighting system keeps the C5s in your ear comfortably and securely regardless of physical activity or posture.  Couple that stable design with natural-sounding, ambient noise-reducing in-ear monitors that present layers and layers of luscious musical detail and you have a real winner.

Though a bit on the pricy side at $179.99, the C5s won’t meet everyone’s budget.  However, if you are in the market and can afford them, the C5s are worth every penny.  With the C5s, you’ll never have to keep one brand of headphones for an active lifestyle and another for audiophile listening on the go. 


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