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Coronavirus COVID-19 Audioholics Survival Guide

by March 15, 2020
Gene with COVID-19 & Mask

Gene with COVID-19 & Mask

I recently tested positive for COVID-19 after struggling with what I thought at the time was a stomach bug or flu on and off for 8 straight days. It wasn't until I got the call from a business associate who visited my home to demo the new RBH Sound SVTRS system that I learned that his colleague and his wife were hospitalized from illness due to COVID-19. I immediately coordinated with my doctor and the health department to get tested and less than 48hrs later (03/10/20), I was diagnosed and ordered to be quarantined in my home with my family for the next two weeks or until I produced two negative consecutive test results. My first test comes this Monday and I sit here with fingers crossed for a successful negative result though with symptoms like chest tightness, and headaches persistent, I remain cautiously optimistic. I remain hopeful NOT to infect my wife or youngest daughter. I've read the research. Somehow children seem to be less symptomatic than adults but are still carriers. COVID-19 seems to target men more than women but my wife has severe Asthma so I pray she doesn't get this. I pray for everyone right now and that we get through this not only as a nation but as a race. I hope that good will come of this as people realize we are all connected, and we are all stewards of this planet.

RBH SVTRS System vs Status 8T

So, what do you do to pass the time while in isolation? I'm literally stuck between my theater room (not a bad place to be) and the guest room with our Bearded Dragon who looks at me in confusion as to why I'm not picking him up and playing with him as usual. I must look pretty funny to him wearing a face mask and having a mouthpiece when doing nebulizer treatments. Isolation is important. Whomever your caregiver is, make sure they ALWAYS wear gloves and a mask while interacting with you if you have COVID-19. You should also wear a mask, preferably the N95 rated, for all interactions with quarantined family members even if they are asymptomatic.  Paper plates and cups are a good idea, to cut down on washing dishes and the exposure to the virus since they thrive on hard surfaces. Your clothes and trash should be contained in bags and handled with gloves. Take no chances. It's been reported that COVID-19 can live on surfaces for days.

Living with Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symptoms & Treatments YouTube Video Discussion

Survival: The first order of business is to control your symptoms to be comfortable.

Nebulizer treatmentI've had excellent luck with Tylenol 8hr taken twice/day to control fevers and body pains. Thankfully I haven't had a fever in the last 3 days but the Tylenol still partly helps with the migraines.  Nebulizer treatments every 4-6 hours help to relieve chest tightness which is a common symptom of those afflicted with COVID-19. Any asthma sufferers will definitely want to be vigilant with their breathing treatments. Hot Green Jasmine/Mint tea works wonders to hydrate and make you feel good. I discovered better results with warm beverages. Hydration is key. Coconut water also helps maintain energy levels thanks to high concentrations of electrolytes. Keep eating. I feel for my wife having to prepare meals as I'm forbidden from the kitchen but you need your energy so don't deprive yourself of food, especially proteins and fiber.  Avoid irritants like coffee, and alcohol (two things I love but don't even have a desire to consume right now).  Boost your Vitamin D3, Vitamin B, C, etc. There are good resources online to expand upon this just a Google search away.

Note: Stocking up on basic supplies to last you two weeks is a good idea such as items like milk, eggs, proteins, bread, canned items, batteries, toilet paper and paper towels.

The Idle Mind is the Devils Playground

Keep your mind occupied. I can't sit in total silence very long without going crazy. Believe me it gets quiet in an acoustically controlled room all by yourself. I always have music going in the background but now is a great time to literally chill out and do some critical listening.

 I'm finding myself rediscovering music and movies I haven't listened to or watched in some time.

Peter Gabriel Security  Steelly Dan Gaucho DTS

Peter Gabriel: Security

Classic albums like Peter Gabriel Security sounds pretty awesome upmixed in Dolby Surround. Give it a try, crank up the "Rhythm of the Heat". You will thank me.  "Wallflower" is one of those songs that you just listen to alone and reflect. A bit prophetic in this case but enjoyable, nonetheless.

Steely Dan: Gaucho DTS CD

This album is a treasure and represents an era of music long gone but not forgotten. I know it's a bit overplayed but who could ever get tired of Donald Fagen's vocals in "Third World Man" especially while being enveloped in discrete 5.1 bliss?

Genesis: Trick of the Tail SACD

Genesis Trick of Tail SACDIt's no secret Genesis is one of my all time favorite progressive rock bands. Trick of the Tail was arguably  their musical peak. With Gabriel gone, Phil Collins really had to step up not only as their masterful drummer, but as lead vocals. The album starts off strong with "Dance on a Volcano". Few bands today can play at this level of musicianship or impact. "Entangled" is mesmerizing thanks to the wonderful Mellotron of Tony Banks and brilliant vocal track laid out by Phil Collins. Again pop this track on and thank me later.

After going through withdrawal symptoms of finishing all 9 seasons of the Office, I was looking for a way to entertain myself on Netflix when suddenly I went into classic Star Trek mode.

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country

Set in the late 23rd century, Captain Kirk goes on his last official mission to escort the chancellor of the Klingon Empire to a peace accord when he's framed for murder. Christopher Plummer gives a superb performance as a the Klingon antagonist. I almost forgot what a Klingon looked like from the trash CBS Show Star Trek Discovery. This movie is pure sci-fi gold and perhaps only rivaled by STII TWOK from the the same director Nicolas Myer.

Star Trek  Apollo 13 Dodgeball

Apollo 13

This is about the best feel good American patriotic movie one can watch and it's starring Tom Hanks, a fellow COVID-19 sufferer, so it's an appropriate watch in this situation. Apollo 13 has everything you can want including great acting, great storytelling and great directing by Ron Howard. If we can bring the crew of Apollo 13 home from a failed space craft heading to the moon using nothing but slide rules and computers less sophisticated than those found in a fitbit, we can surely come up with a vaccine for the coronavirus. Go science!

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Dodgeball is a silly comedy that has so many quotable moments thanks to Ben Stiller's brilliant performance as Wight Goodman. This is a movie I often come back to when I need a lighthearted feel good comedy or if I ever need a refresher of the 5 D's of Dodgeball (dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge!) These are useful life lessons we should all have instilled upon us. Here's to taking the bull by the horns White Goodman style. Are you team Average Joe's or team Globo-gym?

COVID-19 COVID-19: Dealing with Retest, Isolation & Recovery YouTube Video

It's Gonna Get Better

FortuneOne thought I must keep going in my mind is that things are going to get better. We will prevail over this virus. Our economy must recover, and humanity will survive. It's easy to go negative fast on this, especially me being a glass half empty kind of guy. I'm in the middle of our most ambitious project in our 20-year history, the building of the Audioholics AV Smart Home where my goal is to document everything from soup to nuts on our YouTube channel. I absolutely must make this work and I know with the support of our sponsors and my friends at HD2020, we will prevail.

In the meantime, if you feel sick, don't go out. Stay home and isolate. Practice good hygiene. Follow the advice of the medical professionals. They know what they're doing. Be kind to anyone you know that has COVID-19. We are still human. We need the help, support and understanding of everyone.

I'd like to thank ALL of our readers for their prayers and support they've given me since I was diagnosed. The positive energy has been invaluable to my healing.

Are you currently suffering from a COVID-19 affliction? Share your experiences in the related forum thread below and let us know your reference material you're listening  to or watching to get you through it.

Many thanks to Gail Solivan of a local Non-Profit Organization: Young Angel's who reached out to us yesterday to get food delivered to my family while we are under quarantine. This was an unexpected surprise and greatly appreciated!

Angels & Seniors

If you'd like to donate to a local non-profit that is helping people in this situation, please go to: www.angelsandseniors.com.

Special thanks to Liliana Jesika (a friend of Veronica Arena) for a 1 week food donation from Gobble.com. We don't know Liliana personally but she's a true angel to help total strangers in our time of need.

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About the author:

Gene manages this organization, establishes relations with manufacturers and keeps Audioholics a well oiled machine. His goal is to educate about home theater and develop more standards in the industry to eliminate consumer confusion clouded by industry snake oil.

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Recent Forum Posts:

Mr._Clark posts on May 26, 2020 16:51
Here's an interesting article about how the corona virus interferes with the human immune system. It seems like this could explain a lot of the issues with the immune system.

>>>The first group of genes produces interferons. These proteins, which infected cells release, are biological semaphores, signaling to neighboring cells to activate some 500 of their own genes that will slow down the virus’ ability to make millions of copies of itself if it invades them. This lasts seven to 10 days, tenOever said, controlling virus replication and thereby buying time for the second group of genes to act.

This second set of genes produce their own secreted proteins, called chemokines, that emit a biochemical “come here!” alarm. When far-flung antibody-making B cells and virus-killing T cells sense the alarm, they race to its source. If all goes well, the first set of genes holds the virus at bay long enough for the lethal professional killers to arrive and start eradicating viruses.

“Most other viruses interfere with some aspect of both the call to arms and the call for reinforcements,” tenOever said. “If they didn’t, no one would ever get a viral illness”: The one-two punch would pummel any incipient infection into submission.

SARS-CoV-2, however, uniquely blocks one cellular defense but activates the other, he and his colleagues reported in a study published last week in Cell. They studied healthy human lung cells growing in lab dishes, ferrets (which the virus infects easily), and lung cells from Covid-19 patients. In all three, they found that within three days of infection, the virus induces cells’ call-for-reinforcement genes to produce cytokines. But it blocks their call-to-arms genes — the interferons that dampen the virus’ replication.

The result is essentially no brakes on the virus’s replication, but a storm of inflammatory molecules in the lungs, which is what tenOever calls an “unique” and “aberrant” consequence of how SARS-CoV-2 manipulates the genome of its target. <<<

Mr._Clark posts on May 26, 2020 14:59
Here's an article about one volunteer who had a bad reaction to the Moderna vaccine. Given that the severe effects were only seen in the high doses, this doesn't concern me all that much

>>>In the 45-person Moderna study, four participants experienced what are known as “Grade 3” adverse events — side effects that are severe or medically significant but not immediately life-threatening. . . .

The severe effects were only seen at high doses that are not being taken forward. The other vaccine for which early data are available caused fever in almost half of recipients. <<<

Swerd posts on May 23, 2020 16:53
I continue to see widespread confusion in the news media about just what a virus test is, as well as what a positive test result means. I see the same confusion among people I know. It’s a quiet, warm Saturday afternoon, Memorial Day weekend, and I had promised (or threatened) to ‘splain virus testing to interested readers here at Coronavirus Central at AH. So today is a good day for that.

Here are diagrams of an infectious SARS-CoV-2 virus particle. On the left is an external view, and on the right is a cut-away with labels showing the various S, M, HE, E, and N viral proteins, the envelope (in red), and the coiled RNA inside. The S, M, HE and E proteins are located in the envelope layer, and the N protein is packaged with the RNA on the inside. The RNA is what's infectious, but only if it gets inside a cell. The purpose of the envelope and it's collection of proteins, is to deliver the RNA inside a host cell, and to protect the RNA while it's still outside of a host cell.

Virus RNA
Viral RNA, the virus’s genetic material, is measured by a technique called Reverse Transcriptase-Polymerase Chain Reaction (RT-PCR). It’s a sensitive assay capable of measuring extremely low levels of viral RNA. And it’s highly specific for SARS-CoV-2; it does not confuse other coronaviruses for SARS-CoV-2. It’s easily automated, allowing large numbers of samples to be run. However, the RT-PCR assay cannot tell us if the RNA is packaged in infectious virus particles or not. During the assay process, all protein and envelope material is stripped away, leaving the RNA bare for the next steps in the assay. The RNA could be contained in various non-infectious forms such as neutralized virus particles coated with a patient’s antibodies, incompletely assembled virus particles, or other non-infectious fragments of viral RNA.

Without going into details, it is possible to measure the different virus proteins by Enzyme Linked Immune Absorbent Assays (ELISA). These assays, also easily automated, are sensitive and specific for each of the various virus proteins. As with the virus RNA assay, the results only tell us how much protein is present. It does not tell us anything about how much infectious virus is in a sample.

Antibody Tests
These tests detect antibodies directed against a virus in a patient’s blood sample. They don’t directly measure the virus itself, but might be useful if they reliably show whether a patient has been previously exposed to a virus. The problem with SARS-CoV-2 virus is that it’s similar enough to other coronaviruses, that antibodies against one will cross-react with antibodies against another. A patient may have been previously exposed to one or several other coronaviruses, at least 4 of which are known to be relatively harmless, causing common cold-like symptoms. The results appear as positive tests, false positives, in samples from people who were never exposed to SARS-CoV-2. About 40% of positive antibody tests are false positives, said to be caused by cross reactions like this. To be useful, antibody tests must be developed with false positive results brought down to a manageable level. This can certainly be done, but it requires a diligent validation effort, something that the FDA should always require.

Plaque Formation Assay (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virus_quantification)
Plaque-based assays are a standard method used to determine infectious virus concentration. It measures a biological function, not the physical presence of viral RNA or proteins. Viral plaque assays determine the number of plaque forming units (PFU) in a virus sample, a direct measure of infectious virus quantity. This assay is based on a microbiological method conducted on host cells grown in petri dishes or multi-well plates. Specifically, a confluent monolayer of host cells (a lawn of cells) is infected with the virus at varying dilutions and covered with a semi-solid medium to prevent the virus particles from spreading too far.

When a single virus particle infects a single cell within the lawn of cells, the infected cell lyses (bursts open) and allows the viral projeny to spread to adjacent cells, where the infection/lysis cycle is repeated. This infected cell area creates an empty area, a plaque, surrounded by the lawn of living uninfected cells. Plaques can be seen after adding crystal violet to dye the cytoplasm of living cells, but not the plaque area where the virally lysed cells had been.


Plaques can take 3–14 days to form, depending on the virus being analyzed. Plaques are generally counted manually and the results, taking into account the dilution factor used to prepare the plate, are used to calculate the number of plaque forming units per milliliter (mL) of sample (PFU/mL). The PFU/mL result is the number of infective particles within the original sample and is based on the assumption that each plaque formed is representative of one infective virus particle.

This whole process (see the diagram) is tedious and labor intensive. Compared to the automated RNA or viral protein assays, it is much more difficult to do, especially if there are many samples taken from Covid-19 patients at various times during the course of their illness.

The bottom line to this story is that there is no simple way to correlate the viral RNA, viral protein, or PFU assay results. To find out a fudge-factor to estimate one assay result from another requires doing them all. There are no short cuts.

I hope this helps you to see the source of confusion between these different types of virus tests. It becomes especially important if, for example the viral RNA result is positive after someone recovers from Covid-19. How much of that viral RNA is actually actually infectious?
Gmoney posts on May 22, 2020 20:01
Swerd, post: 1392824, member: 5544
We were joking about this the other day.

Moderna unveiled encouraging coronavirus vaccine results. Then top execs dumped nearly $30 million of stock

"Moderna's chief financial officer and chief medical officer executed options and sold nearly $30 million of shares combined on Monday and Tuesday, SEC filings reviewed by CNN Business show.“
… …
Charles Elson, a corporate governance expert at the University of Delaware, said the Moderna stock sales underscore why he has always believed executives should not sell stock while they are at the company.
”Even if it can be done legally, the optics are terrible because it shows you have a better place to put your money,“ said Elson. ”It shows a lack of confidence in your company going forward."
Funny when the Rich realize that the wealthy are getting ready to take it away from them and try to dump as much as possible so the working rich don’t have to be there slaves anymore. One thing about being poor no way to go but up. Hard Ladder to climb down on just gotta watch out for who you step on less it be one passing you up that ladder and you pushed off. But than Probably get pardoned from a president.
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