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Synergistic Research High-End Audio with Low Integrity

by March 10, 2020
Ted Denney of Synergistic Research

Ted Denney of Synergistic Research

Normally I don't waste time on this website venting out about any individual but this is a special circumstance worth noting for any potential reader that may come across an industry person named Ted Denney who owns and operates a company called Synergistic Research. Synergistic Research is an audio company specializing in expensive, exotic cables and audio tweaks based on pseudoscience. I've never heard of him or his company until I went public with my personal COVID-19 infection on how this situation was not only impacting my health but the Audioholics business as well.

After uploading our GoFundMe Youtube Video, Ted Denney made the following comment on our channel.

Theodore Denney III 1 month ago (edited)

"So sorry to see you having economic difficulties, would you consider selling me your Star Trek cut outs? I’d love to use them in my product videos. My company Synergistic Research is still operational, still taking orders every day, still shipping product every day, and still 100% fully employed. I think I’m gonna take my Ferrari for a spin after coffee this morning. Let me know on the cut outs. Cheers 🥂"

He then took it a step further by publishing a Youtube video on his personal channel where he was driving around in his Ferrari bragging about how well his business was doing in these tough times while mocking my health condition and the financial status of the Audioholics website. He went a step further by sarcastically offering to buy our Star Trek cardboard cutouts to help pay our bills.

Ted Denney didn't stop there. He went on his personal facebook page continuing to disparage me and the Audioholics website, threatening to report our GoFundMe to the IRS.

Theodore Denney III 1 month ago

GoFundMe"Audioholics Gene make 100% certain you report this income to the IRS and that you only use these funds in a way in keeping with their stated usage. It would be a real shame if the IRS were to get tipped off and launch a subsequent audit and investigation. Just looking out for you buddy and please get back to me on selling those Star Trek cut outs!"

When others on his Facebook questioned his personal attack against me,  he stated that Audioholics slandered his company back in 2009 and it got "so ugly that the Feds had to shut down the Audioholics website and remove ALL posts related to his company". This of course NEVER happened and after he received a good amount of negative feedback for his callous posts, he took them down along with the Youtube video.

Several of our forum members shared their experiences with Ted Denney on our forum including Senior Administrator Dennis Young at avnirvana.com.

Ted Denney mocked Dennis Young's Asperger's condition on a public forum and continued to harass him. It's my understanding that Ted Denney has been banned by numerous forums and facebook groups for his despicable behavior. These are just a few examples of the nature and demeanor of Ted Denney and how he conducts business.

It's one thing to have disagreements regarding claims of audio products but it's something much different when an individual goes out of his way to mock a victim suffering from COVID-19 or struggling with a neurological disorder. This is something  I hope ALL Audioholics readers consider when looking Synergistic Research and deciding if this is a company you really want to do business with. Synergistic Research claims about being high-end audio may be questionable at best, but the low integrity of the man behind the company is undeniable.

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About the author:

Gene manages this organization, establishes relations with manufacturers and keeps Audioholics a well oiled machine. His goal is to educate about home theater and develop more standards in the industry to eliminate consumer confusion clouded by industry snake oil.

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