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Emotiva ER Measurements


Using the Sencore SP395A FFT Audio Analyzer, we measured the ERM-1 in room on and off axis frequency response with 1/12th octave resolution.


ERM-1 ½ Meter Frequency Response (1/12th octave)

The ERM-1 was such an easy speaker to measure since it was a sealed design that naturally rolls off below 80Hz and the close spacing of the drivers allows the system to converge into a point source at roughly ½ meter.  The on/off axis response of the ERM-1 proved to be very linear and smooth.  These are definitely not ear bleeders are obviously voiced to sound very natural and non-fatiguing.


ERM-1 ½ Meter Frequency Response (1/12th octave) Various Tweeter Settings

If you want to customize your sound, Emotiva lets you with the inclusion of a tweeter switch which has 3 positions (+2dB, 0dB, -2dB).  The proper setting depends on your room acoustics and listening preferences.  The switch worked as promised providing a +-2dB level adjustment above the systems crossover point which appears to be in the 2.5kHz region.


ERM-1 ½ Meter Frequency Response (1/12th octave) Various Boundary Settings

The ERM-1’s inclusion of the boundary switch is very useful for those placing these speakers in close proximity to a wall or in an entertainment center.  It essentially compensates for the natural boost a speaker gets at lower frequencies when loaded into a 2pi space environment.  The switch appeared to take in effect below 300Hz by knocking off up to 6dB of bass and restoring the proper balance to the speaker while it was placed against the wall.


ERM-1 Impedance & Phase Plot

The ERM-1 is a well oiled machine with a carefully executed crossover design to keep the phase response within a +-30deg window throughout the entire audio band and an impedance profile that never dips below 3.2 ohms (per THX recommendation).

Overall Observations

With such a relatively benign impedance profile, natural roll off below 80Hz and relatively high efficiency, excellent on/off axis dispersion characteristics, this speaker has all of the hallmarks of a well executed THX design at an unheard of price class. It has the potential of sounding great in virtually any environment utilizing a wide variety of amplifiers and receivers. Don’t be afraid to feed these babies a lot of power as they won’t bottom out and thanks to the excellent driver’s utilized and 4th order Linkwitz Riley crossover implementation they won’t scoff at the juice.

Editorial Note on 4th Order Networks
There are many advantages to the crossover topology Emotiva employed in this design with one being able to produce a maximally flat amplitude response. With a 24 dB/octave slope it provides the best isolation between drivers resulting in the least modulation distortion and has a 360 degree phase shift which results in "in-phase" response and promotes minimal or no lobing or tilt in the coverage pattern. It is also the least sensitive to driver misalignment.  The disadvantage is crossover component complexity and cost and increased insertion loss because of inductor DCR.

This is one of the most well executed loudspeaker system designs of come across in years regardless of their asking price. It is an obvious asset that Emotiva has chosen to employ one of the great loudspeaker engineers in the industry (Vance Dickason) to engineer this system.


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Recent Forum Posts:

tomd51 posts on November 27, 2008 20:38
The new grills do look much better and the slight accent the ‘e’ logo adds is a nice touch as well.

I think you're right, most places would charge extra for the new grills, but I'm not surprised Emotiva didn't, doesn't seem their style.

Just something else that makes me pleased with my decision to go with the ERDs… -TD
majorloser posts on November 27, 2008 19:49
New Speaker Grill Design

Emotiva just started sending out new speaker grills for all owners of ERD-1's and ERM-1's. FREE

Not that there was anything wrong with the old grills. They just weren't happy with them. The new grills have a little darker black appearance and don't have the slight sheen of the older grills. They also include a new circular chrome company emblem with the “E”.

I received mine last week. They make a great speaker even better.

Most companies would just add a new item to new sales and call it an “upgrade”.
But they went through the expense of shipping them to all owner.
tomd51 posts on November 27, 2008 14:55
Slight resurrection from the dead of this thead ("No more rhymes now I mean it!" ). Just wanted to weigh in a little with my take of the ERD-1 surrounds.

Initially, I thought they were very good surrounds for the money, this was back when they dropped the price from $350 to $315. Now that they are selling at $250 a pair, I'd have to say these are an outstanding deal.

My first objective was to compare them to the performance of the Axiom QS8s that I'd previously owned. While they didn't quite seem to measure up to them at the time, I'd have to say after having them for a couple of months now, they more than hold their own for movies and I'd have to say outperform the QS8s with music. I thought the QS8s would be be impossible to best at their price, but the ERDs hold their own and then some. When you see/hear how well the ERDs perform, you'll be amazed at how tremendous a value they really are… -TD
majorloser posts on August 15, 2008 10:31
Emotiva's new sub packages should be pretty awesome. They are supposed to have either a single 12“ sub or dual 12” packages available before the end of the year. Might want to visit their forum for more info. They've been keeping the info “Top Secret” for over a year now while they finalize the GUI and control systems.

Davemcc posts on August 15, 2008 09:58
babs, post: 444899
Though I'd certainly never expect the ERM's to hang with B&W 805's at $2k+,

The ERM-1 display many of the qualities I prefer in speakers at any price point. I found them to be clear and detailed without being bright, neutral and without the resonant midrange that I find in a lot of speakers. I think it's an outstanding speaker for the list price, but free is even better. Combined with a good sub, they will be hard to beat (at least to my ears).
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