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Oppo BDP-105 Universal Blu-ray Player Conclusion


Oppo provBDP-105-Front.jpged that they could build the ultimate audiophile and videophile Universal Blu-ray player for a fraction of the cost of so many so called “high end” manufacturers. Oppo made enough minor improvements in features and performance over the BDP-93 and BDP-95 units to justify the creation of these new models. From the BDP-105’s impeccable benchmark performance to its excellent build quality and usability, this player leaves you wanting nothing. The BDP-105 not only raises your expectations of what all Blu-ray players should be like, but it also elevates what you’d expect from a high end transport costing thousands more. If your primary usage of this player is for digital multi-channel audio, then I’d suggest its cheaper sibling the BDP-103. However if you are fully intent on building a two-channel and multi-channel system of equal measure, I simply can’t make a higher recommendation than the super duper BDP-105 Blu-ray dream machine. Until Oppo builds a real world Star Trek holodeck, you will be hard pressed to better your A/V experience with any other source device. Live long and prosper and long live Oppo!

Oppo BDP-105 YouTube Blu-Ray Player Review

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Recent Forum Posts:

Mahoney posts on March 23, 2022 09:54

recently tried using the multichannel analog outs for Blu rays and the sound is far superior than using HDMI to a marantz processor

I connect the Oppo direct to the denon POA-a1hd 10 channel amp

but the subwoofer performance seems anemic

does the Oppo 105 still clip the subwoofer analog outs if you set your 5.1 speakers to Small?

here’s the Oscilloscope readings of the Oppo 105 subwoofer analog out channel


I even set my left , right centre and other speakers to large but the the subwoofer analog outs sound tame

one of the beta testers for the oppo 105 at avs seems to think the issue was solved by Oppo but I’m not convinced

its post 3491 by Bob https://www.avsforum.com/threads/official-oppo-udp-205-uhd-blu-ray-player-owners-thread.2821841/page-175#post-55668716

justvcant see myself moving to a home theatre processor again now cause they don’t sound that good unless you spend crazy money
frans callebaut posts on December 06, 2020 12:25
i want to buy a used oppo bdp-105 or 105D, but i see that the 105 has 8 picture noise reduction functions and the 105 D only three. what's the difference between 3 and 8 options to eliminate picture noise reduction ?
best regards,
frans callebaut
GIEGAR posts on March 22, 2017 21:43
gene, post: 949128, member: 4348
Correct, the balanced outputs are pure direct, no bass management.

… and from page 4 of the review:
Note: The BDP-105 bass management only affects the analog multi-channel outputs. Balanced outputs and HDMI outputs bypass this feature.

That's the default setting for the balanced outputs. You can in fact configure the unit to use the balanced stereo outputs and implement bass management.

This article steps through how to do it: Oppo | Using the Dedicated Stereo Outputs in a 2.1 Configuration.

You may wish to edit the article accordingly.

(Apologies if this has been covered previously; I only scanned the thread quickly.)
Coris posts on June 12, 2016 14:57
My fully improved Oppo 105…
sterling shoote posts on April 11, 2016 06:10
Using your balanced or unbalanced output from OPPO you are outputting full frequency, including low frequency. This, it appears, is not how you understand it. You believe with balanced or unbalanced stereo output you are not getting output of low frequency. Is that what you think? I believe you may be misinterpreting the manual. Read page 71 to 73. Now, you may have set your OPPO to small speakers, which would direct low frequency to sub output, at what ever crossover point you selected, down to 40Hz. Setting OPPO to large speakers will get all frequency to mains. You could also use L and R stereo balanced or unbalanced and then connect analog surround, center, and sub to get low frequency to sub if you wish.
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