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Fluance Signature Series Speaker Contest Giveaway!

by February 21, 2017
Fluance Signature Series Speakers

Fluance Signature Series Speakers

To show some love to our loyal Audioholics readers, we’re partnering with Fluance to give away one pair of their Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers.

Fluance products are favorites among Audioholics forum members and critics for outperforming higher priced competition and offering build quality befitting the best audio products in the world.

The Fluance Signature Series Hi-Fi Three-Way Floorstanding Speakers will transport the concert into your living room. Not for the faint of heart, Fluance thinks these speakers can outperform the band themselves. Symmetry, precision and sonic accuracy, the Signature Series are said to produce such defined sound you will feel as if the artist was playing in front of you.

To enter, simply:

  1. Register to receive the Audioholics and Fluance email newsletters.
  2. Respond using that same address if you are contacted as the winner
  3. Answer our prequalifier questions in this forum thread

We reviewed it, you win it!  It’s just that simple.

Remember you gotta be in it to win it!

Entry must be received BEFORE 3/20/17 at 11:59 PM EST​

*Winner must be U.S. or Canadian resident, 18 years old or older with valid email address.

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Recent Forum Posts:

Hugo Rivera posts on March 27, 2017 15:14
Congratulations to Peter O'Brien for winning the Fluance Signature Tower speaker giveaway! Thanks to all for participating and stay tuned for your chance to win BIG in our next contest.
Laudelina Pendones posts on March 18, 2017 17:59
Question #1: What new product would you like to see from Fluance next?
Really good quality speakers at affordable prices

Question #2: What new audio technology are you most excited about?

Planar earphones
Segismundo Lopez posts on March 18, 2017 17:48
Question #1: What new product would you like to see from Fluance next?
I would like to see wireless speakers with no loss on audio quality

Question #2: What new audio technology are you most excited about?
High quality streaming services immersive audio formats
trufunk posts on March 18, 2017 08:24
1. Next, I would like to see some on wall surrounds that are thin but be able to aim the speaker unit as a whole.

2. Most interested in lossless delivered wireless bookshelf speakers
Roger Yeakle posts on March 14, 2017 23:38
# 1 I would like to see Fluance speaker Company come out with computer speakers with a built in DAC and with Blue Tooth
# 2 I would like to see them start making more ATMOS speakers options or IMAX type of speaker quality with high resolution sound in mind
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