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An Insiders Look to the Audioholics SOTU CE Event

by Bertica Molinares April 18, 2008
Flamenco Jenny & Ernesto

Flamenco Jenny & Ernesto


The necessity to walk over and line up along many others, waiting just like me, inundated my body as I got closer to the main hall. Lights, noise and chatter from the crowd filled my senses and elevated my expectations even higher. Music filled my ears as I grew closer. Anticipation escalated and I could barely resist at this point. I felt like just pushing everyone around me out of the way, but that would only create more havoc and delay my vision. It wasn’t long until I realized I made it. I was standing next to the booth, and right in front of me a crowd lined up to enter. I was ready to sit and do my job, but not before taking a last look at what we accomplished. Our first general audience show debut. The hall filled with attendee’s from all over and it was up to me and our staff to make sure they were all taken care off.


This endeavor would not be easy, but with the eager volunteers and staff alongside our team, we would make it. Needless to mention that my chance to participate with the crowd in the show decreased each minute that passed by. The feeling of “I missed them” filled my brain and I knew only one focus could be obtained at this point; making the show a success.


As we all found out during the show, Audioholics did make it successfully. It was beyond my expectations. The staff felt the same way and was delighted to see the results. Both attendees and manufacturers exhaled themselves. Both interacted beyond their means. And this was only for the show floor. After this part concluded, the party started. As we all know, it went beyond a party. The formality and organization of the formal banquet made it a success. We learned that Audioholics was striving to succeed in many other ways, while benefiting the people too. A new home theater store was to open up for everyone to get the right gear for their needs for a fair price and most importantly with pre and post sales support. It still continued to offer guidance for all, so we didn’t feel lost. The banquet allowed us to glorify our taste buds with succulent taste and aromas. Our eyes enjoyed the rhythm of a Belly Dancer. She helped us relax to the point of losing ourselves in the melody and beyond. Is not often I can unwind to that point, but I did.


Here is to the upcoming Audioholics 10th annual SOTU CE event. May it elicit the same on all attending as I am sure it will. More demo rooms and product giveaways, a bigger and grander convention center, destination Disney event, what else could one hope for? Ah yes, a themed Halloween costume party with Flamenco dancers to entertain this time around and show us all how to let go. I ‘am ready. Are you?

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