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VAF Octavio 1

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

The VAF Octavio 1 is designed to play music and videos directly from a zune player. A video output can also connect to a TV so that videos and pictures may be viewed on a big screen to share with others. The Octavio 1 can be connected to your TV, DVD player, game console or other home entertainment for a unified home entertainment experience. The Octavio is available in three patented acoustic skins (including eraser pink). Technical features include 100 real watts of inbuilt power amplifiers, a 200 mm (8") bass diaphragm, two 130 mm (5.25") long linear travel woofers with high damping synthetic rubber roll surrounds, low stray magnetic field, very powerful magnetic motors, and high power voice coil. Two fluid damped, fabric dome tweeters with powerful, linear neodymium magnetic motors, and high power voice coils. Electronic response equalization, for accurate sound response from under 40 Hz to over 20,000 Hz. Constructed from MDF. For more information please visit www.vaf.com.au .

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