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Scandyna "The Drop" Speakers

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

We couldn't help but stop as we passed the Scandyna booth. Podspeakers by Scandyna has a speaker appropriately named The Drop. They come in multiple colors and are now offered with a round subwoofer named, what else, the ball. An interesting design for sure. Features of The Drop include:

  • Colors: White, Black, Silver, Blue, Yellow, Red.
  • Shape: 2 way closed box, abs cabinet.
  • Applications: Stereo arrangement, AV, 5.1, mulitmedia.
  • Frequency: Minus 6 db at 50hz and 22khz.
  • Sensitivity 89db spl (1w @ 1m) 4 ohm.
  • Sound Compatible with amplifiers from 10w - 100 w output.
  • Drive units: One 125mm (5") 4 layer long throw bass/midrange feat.Kevlar piston and 25mm (1") dia free-mounted high frequency.
  • Weight 2.3kg (5.5lbs) without packaging and spikes.
  • Dimensions
    • Without spikes Width: 215mm
      • Height: 437mm
      • Depth: 170mm
    • With spikes Width: 227mm
      • Height: 525mm
      • Depth: 199mm
  • Accessories: Wallbracket, stand, spikes and ceiling mount.

For more information, please visit www.podspeakers.com .

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