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Samsung's Wireless Plasma

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Televisions & Displays

Samsung's new 58-inch HT-P5894W TV allows consumers to enjoy robust HD content from their Blu-ray disc players, next-generation game consoles, and other HD sources without the unsightly glare of complex cabling through 802.11n wireless technology. The HT-P5894W wireless plasma HDTV features Samsung's exclusive FilterBright2 Plus, which is a powerful anti-reflective technology which absorbs external light and transmits internal light, thereby increasing the contrast levels and preventing unwanted reflection. In bright daylight, FilterBright2 Plus technology creates high contrast with true black to show clearer image details and generate superb dark area representation.

[IMG_3619] Besides being wireless, this unit offers "invisible side speaker" cabinet design, three HDMI and two component connections, and a 16:9 screen aspect ratio and 175-degree viewing angle. Another unique feature is the USB 2.0 interface slot located on the side a/v panel. This impressive feature is compatible with all digital photo and music players. In addition, the unit has Bluetooth technology for use with wireless headphones. These wireless plasmas also offer a consumer-friendly swivel stand which allows convenient repositioning for a flexible viewing angle increasing the flexibility of the TV's possible placement without compromising picture viewing quality. The unit that was on display was a 50" and sported 1080p resolution. Unfortunately, the highest resolution that can be sent wirelessly is 1080i. The picture was a little blocky but we look forward to seeing how this new technology will be implemented in the future. HT-P5894W wireless plasma HDTV will be available in September 2007 at an MSRP of $5,699. For more information, please visit www.samsung.com .

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