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Hitachi LCD Rear Projection Full 1080p Displays

by December 04, 2006
Filed under: Televisions & Displays

Hitachi's Full HD1080 LCD rear projection (RP) models in 50-, 55-, and 62-inch screens were on display today. While the "security guard" did a better job of drawing crowds than keeping them away, we did manage to snap a pic. Sizes will utilize 3-LCD 1920x1080 technology with a 3-panel light engine for high picture contrast and impressive image clarity. The Full HD1080 LCD RP models, in line with the rest of the Hitachi TV Series for 2007, will feature the PictureMaster IV processor. The models also will sport Hitachi's new compact industrial design with sleek bottom speakers and an overall gloss black finish. Hitachi's M50P801, M55P801 and M62P801 will be available in May, June and July 2007, respectively. For more information, please visit www.hitachi.com .
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