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Russound’s First On-Wall Speaker

by September 08, 2007
Filed under: Loudspeakers
Russound Compliment Speaker

Russound Compliment Speaker

Russound will soon ship its first on-wall speaker, the Complement On-Wall LCR7, a technically and aesthetically pleasing speaker, designed for front-of-the-room placement as a left-, center-,  or right-channel speaker. 

With the slender profile appearance of modern flat-panel video displays, the Complement On-Wall LCR7 is the first speaker of its kind to incorporate the exclusive patent-pending Super Bessel Array (SBA) technology. Smooth sound dispersion patterns are achieved by using multiple small drivers with the interaction between them minimized. The result is a neutral and detailed listening area, whether the speaker is mounted vertically or horizontally, even with the listener sitting off axis.   In addition to placement in the front of the room, this speaker can also be used as a surround speaker in a multichannel audio system or as a stereo pair.

The Complement On-Wall LCR7 consists of an array of six 3.5” mid/low-frequency drivers coupled with a 1” audiophile-grade high-frequency driver housed in an extruded aluminum cabinet, with each driver housed in a separate subenclosure. The product includes both black and silver grilles to easily coordinate with any A/V equipment or room décor.

Measuring 25.5” x 4.6” x 4.6” (H/W/D) and weighing 17.7 lbs., the On-Wall LCR7 is scheduled for release in the second quarter of 2007, at a US MAP of $625. It will be available with wall mounting bracket, a mounting template and a hex key.

The Compliment LCR7 will ship in October and has an MSRP of $600.  For more information:  www.russound.com

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