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RBH Sound MC-553 "Dual Purpose" In-wall Speaker

by September 06, 2007
Filed under: Loudspeakers
RBH Sound MC-553

RBH Sound MC-553

RBH Sound announced the introduction of the MC-553, a dual-purpose in-wall speaker intended for high-end home theaters or multi-channel media rooms. The MC-553 employs three 5¼-inch woofers and two 1-inch tweeters, all of which incorporate RBH Sound’s proprietary aluminum cone technology. According to RBH, the MC-553 provides a solution for conditions where a dedicated center channel cannot be used. The MC-553 has the unique ability to perform double-duty as both a center channel speaker and a main front left or right speaker for a surround sound system. If two MC-553’s are used as the front left and right speakers in a home theater system, and each is in dual-mode configuration, the lower tweeter and woofer of each side cleverly function as the center channel. This allows the top two woofers and tweeter on each speaker to perform their duty as the front left and right channels. This configuration allows for a very clean installation, eliminating the need for a dedicated center channel, which can sometimes be difficult to integrate into some home theater environments. For situations where a dedicated center channel can be used, all three woofers and both tweeters can be configured to work together in harmony and three MC-553’s can be used for the front left, center and right channels for an outstanding in-wall home theater system.

Designed to easily coordinate with flat-panel televisions, the MC-553 has a very slender profile of only 7-13/16-inches wide by 30-inches tall. The white nylon frame and aluminum grille can be painted to match the environment, allowing the MC-553 to easily blend in with its surroundings.

The MC-553 carries an initial suggested retail price of $469.95 each and it is expected to ship late 2007.

For more information on RBH Sound, please call (800) 543-2205 or visit www.rbhsound.com.

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