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Phillips Remotes

by September 06, 2007
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Phillips TSU9200

Phillips TSU9200

Philips extends its range of remote controls with the launch of three new models: the SRU8015, the SRM7500, and the TSU9200, all designed with a specific consumer and application in mind.

Prestigo SRU8015
The Prestigo SRU8015 can control up to 15 home entertainment devices - including certain HVAC and lighting systems - and includes favorite channel icons that provide instant access to network programs. Combining the features of multiple remotes, the newest member of the Prestigo family boasts an elegant and slender design that complements stylish modern living.

The intelligent device features a full-color, 2” LCD screen and white key backlighting for intuitive navigation.  With its advanced on-screen set-up wizard, the universal remote can be programmed without a PC, a complex manual or technical support.  Once set up, the rotary control wheel provides simple and instant access to video and audio entertainment.

The FAV button immediately directs users to a favorites screen where up to 100 preferred channel icons can be added from a choice of 400, allowing users to select programs by simply clicking on a channel icon instead of pushing digit keys.  By pressing MORE, users can access a page of special functions that ensure all existing remote control functionality is available in the SRU8015. The HOME button provides an icon-based overview of devices that can be controlled or activities to be selected.

Designed to be compatible with future consumer electronics purchases, the Prestigo SRU8015 supports almost any product and easily learns the commands of other remote controls. Just point the Prestigo at any remote and the SRU8015 learns its functions. Users can also enter text to label device names, activities and functions.

The Philips Prestigo SRU8015 will be available in October 2007, and will be priced at $179.99.

Philips SRM7500
The Philips SRM7500 has been designed to control PCs running the Media Center edition in Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate operating systems and any five other audio and visual devices, providing complete power over multimedia PC features from the comfort of the couch.

The SRM7500's screen provides access to songs and playlists, sorted by artist, album or genre, without the need for turning on the PC or TV screen. Available this October at a retail price of $199.99, the SRM7500 has been designed to manage almost every TV, set top box, DVD player, VCR and music system.

A bright, six-line display on the remote gives users fast and easy access to all stored content from the palm of their hands. Innovative two-way RF technology provides the freedom and flexibility to play digital content from anywhere in the house.  With enhanced universal remote features, the SRM7500 delivers the largest database of any universal remote control on the market, ensuring there is virtually no remote-controllable home equipment that it can’t operate.

The Philips SRM7500 remote control also supports ‘basic’ Windows SideShow functionality, allowing users to browse and play music, pictures, TV show and programming guides.  It also provides convenient access to information including newsfeeds, stock quotes and emails on the remote’s LCD display.

Designed for simple navigation with just the right balance of hard buttons and on-screen interfacing, the TSU9200 displays essential actions like ‘Watch a DVD’ and channel icons right on the LCD screen. Fully compatible with all IR devices, the TSU9200 is full of functional design details, such as handy white backlighting, laser-engraved tactile buttons to prevent wear and a subtle minimalist docking station that doubles as a battery charger.

The Pronto TSU9200 features four clear operation modes: Media, Home, Favorites (FAV) and More. “Media” gives the user direct access to digital files on the computer when using the optional PCX9200 PC extender. “Home” offers action-based options like ‘Watch TV’, ‘Watch a DVD’ or ‘Listen to PC’. The FAV feature offers a list of preferred television and radio stations with channel icons. “More” can be used for advanced features such as the television’s Ambilight control and TeleText.

The TSU9200 is designed to be easy to program and install. Its wizard-driven editor walks you through the installation process while allowing advanced programming options if desired. Thanks to MyDatabase, installers can access frequently used component and brand codes along with a complete database of channel icons to guarantee complete system control in virtually no time.

Traditionally standard IR-operated, the Pronto TSU9200 can be adapted to full non-line-of-site control via ultra-reliable digital RF when integrated with the corresponding RFX9200 extender. This dedicated extender features four addressable IR ports with an additional addressable front IR blaster. Its sleek, subtle design is suitable for wall and cabinet placement making it an excellent home theater or living room control extension.

Another unique feature: the TSU9200 lets users interact with their digital music library content right on the LCD screen of the controller. The PCX9200 is a USB dongle that enables two-way real-time communication. By simply plugging the PC extender directly into the computer’s USB port, users can manage their PC music library directly on the TSU9200. It provides the playlist, cover art, as well as a search function to go directly to the musical taste of the day.

The Philips Pronto TSU9200, RFX9200 and the PCX9200 will be available in the Fall of 2007 and will have a suggested retail price of $399.99, $199.99 and $99.99 respectively.

For further product information, please visit www.philips.com.

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