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Phase Technology dARTS

by September 09, 2007
Filed under: Loudspeakers
Phase Technology dARTS

Phase Technology dARTS

Another impressive loudspeaker product I had the pleasure of demoing in Denver at CEDIA 2007 was the Phase Technology dARTS Digital Audio Reference Theater System.  The demo was one of the loudest I have ever heard anywhere, but was quite impressive.

This innovative system incorporates a wide range of custom designed and purpose built speakers that utilize specially designed digital amplification, crossovers, and processing to immerse listeners in a cinematic experience far beyond what conventional audio systems can achieve. One of many unique features is the availability of speakers as systems or as interchangeable components to meet the most demanding of installation environments. The dARTS comes in five-, six-, and seven-channel configurations with one or two subwoofers and includes a 16-channel all-digital DP2000 amplifier.

At the heart of the system is the Audyssey MultEQ XT system, a digital signal processor with calibration software designed in collaboration with Audyssey Laboratories in Los Angeles.  

Additionally, the Phase Technology DP-2000 Digital Amplifier was custom-designed and tailored for our speakers in collaboration with D2Audio. The amplifier offers sixteen channels of power, with up to 250 watts per channel, for complete flexibility in biamping or triamping each speaker. Volume levels to balance drivers within a speaker are adjustable to within incredible small tolerances (+/- 0.1dB) for a perfect blend. The crossover parameters for each driver can be precisely specified, so that each driver works only in its most linear range.

The front speakers feature two 6-1/2” woofers and a 1” variable-axis soft dome tweeter, while the rear surrounds each use a pair of 5-1/4” woofers and two 1” tweeters in a dipole/bipole switchable configuration. The center channel has the same tweeter placed between two 6-1/2” woofers. Low frequencies are delivered via a 500 watt, dual-10” ultra long-throw subwoofer. Each speaker will be available in any of the three versions—Custom Built-In, full cosmetic wood/aluminum, and in-wall—to let installers customize not only dARTS’s sound but its look for any project.

The dARTS calibration software, included with the system, leads installers through determining a room’s acoustic signature, using a microphone to record audio response at various listening positions throughout the room and loading the measurements into the DP2000 amplifier. The amp then uses the response data to develop a room correction curve and provide the ideal performance parameters to each speaker.
For more information:  www.phasetech.com

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