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moodSeer Music Server

by September 08, 2007
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One of the more interesting music server type products I saw at CEDIA 2007 was the moodSeer system, which is billed as a "GPS system for extensive music collections."  This multi-room, multi-source home audio component is comprised of the moodCenter, the main unit where all the music is stored, moodSpot, individual room players and moodBeamer a hand-held touch screen remote controller.  This is a product you can expect to see reviewed in the coming months here at Audioholics, as I was impressed with the build-quality and interface.

Original music from any music source (such as CDs and MP3s) is digitally
transferred and stored by the moodCenter in lossless and streaming formats to maximize music capacity without sacrificing track quality.   The music is then delivered either wireless or wired and is designed to complement any home theater or entertainment center. The moodSeer can even plug and play the playlist of an MP3 player or an iPod. 

Some showcase features of version 2.0 include: a redesigned user interface which includes cover art; smart screen detection for optimal screen presentation; search by cover art; variable digital and variable analog audio output support; availability of the new M2 model with RAID support; product certification and integration with other touch screen devices.

The moodCenter unit connects to any current home theater, entertainment or audio
system already in place and comes with a CD drive and high quality digital and analog audio outputs.  

The moodSpot is connected to component audio systems or powered speakers in
any other room in the home.  Select the music using the touch screen and the music will begin playing in the desired room. 

The moodBeamer controls the moodSeer system and with a touch of a finger,
delivers a collection on command to a specific room.  

The moodCenter comes standard with storage capacity of 8000 tracks in lossless
format and 40,000 tracks streaming format.  Additional storage capacity is optionally

The moodSeer is the world’s first and only luxury home audio device that allows you
to discretely match your music with your mood.  The technologically advanced product
determines the mood of music.  You simply select the mood you are in and enjoy.  This
sophisticated system is designed for the music aficionado. 

For more information:  www.moodSeer.com

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