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MARANTZ ES7001 Soundbar

by September 07, 2007
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Marantz RM7001

Marantz RM7001

Marantz introduced their S.S.X. (Simple Surround Xperience) Soundbar at CEDIA 2007. The S.S.X. system (Model ES7001) features six built-in speakers in a simple and sleek surround sound package that’s ideal for use with flat-panel TVs in smaller living spaces or secondary viewing areas.

All loudspeaker drivers, amplifiers and digital processing technologies are housed and strategically arrayed in the ES7001’s single “soundbar.” 

Most notable is the ES7001’s total ease of set-up, thanks in large part to its built-in HDMI repeating, which allows simple single-wire connectivity to source components. As soon as a DVD player, game system, cable box or satellite receiver is connected via HDMI, the system is fully functional and ready to perform. Additionally, very few adjustments are needed, as the ES7001 doesn’t rely on sonic reflection technology. Users simply turn it on and begin enjoying incredibly rich and lifelike surround sound from their favorite source component. The S.S.X. system Model ES7001 will be available in September 2007 for a suggested retail price of $1,299.

To achieve its unique and powerful audio dispersion and clearly focused surround sound image, the ES7001 employs 6 built-in speakers (2 tweeters, 2 drivers and 2 woofers) as well as 6 separate Hi-Fi grade digital amplifiers, each driving an individual speaker. Total power output is 60 watts (30W x 2). Another key to the unprecedented surround sound performance of the one-piece ES7001 is the sophisticated audio processing made possible by the inclusion of three built-in 32-bit Digital Sound Processors (DSPs), one for the system’s built-in DSP decoding, one for built-in Dolby/DTS decoding and two specifically designed to enhance the OPSODIS processing system.

Developed by the Institution of Sound and Vibration Research (ISVR) and Kajima Corporation, OPSODIS uses sophisticated digital audio processing technology to achieve a realistic surround sound effect by a variety of means. These include creating slight differences in the volume levels to a listener’s right and left ear, as well as subtle differences in audio arrival time for each ear and more. To further enhance performance, the ES7001 features HDMI Repeating (2-in / 1-out) facilitating a simple one-cable connection to a display device as well as ultimate purity in digital processing, eliminating signal loss. To provide yet another customizable audio option, the ES7001 features a special “binaural” listening mode, which recreates an intimate headphone-like experience without headphones.

For consumers who want to add an even more powerful layer of deep bass response to complete their S.S.X. surround sound experience, Marantz offers the optional SW7001 active 50-watt subwoofer (SRP: $349), an advanced and stylish subwoofer system that is perfectly tuned for audio symmetry with the ES7001. It features a DC-Trigger input for power synchronization, and front volume controls for total ease-of-use. AC Outlets for the ES7001 and source components add to the subwoofers flexibility.

For maximum flexibility and use with multiple types of flat-panel display devices and sources, the system features 3 digital audio outputs and two analog inputs as well as a subwoofer output and trigger output for the optional subwoofer. Featuring a sleek extruded aluminum enclosure, the ES7001 is designed for simple and quick installation in virtually any room or listening environment. Consumers who choose not to mount their flat-panel display on a wall may purchase Marantz’ optional system rack, the Model RM7001 (SRP:$699). Boasting a stylish piano black finish and space-saving elegant cosmetic, the RM7001 is designed to hold the ES7001 system on its top shelf and the optional SW7001 powered subwoofer on the bottom shelf and has room for several components such as a cable box, DVD player or a game console. The rack also is designed to hold a flat-panel TV of up to 50-inches for a complete home theater system. In addition, an easy wall-mounting option is available separately.

The S.S.X. system Model ES7001 will be available in September 2007 for a suggested retail price of $1,299.  For more information:  www.marantz.com

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