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Triad Retools the InRoom Platinum LCR

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

The Triad InRoom Platinum LCR has been refined and improved for 2006. Internal bracing has been modified and added to the enclosure and the crossover has been tweaked to smooth out the top end making the speaker, and I quote, "less horny." An example of the bracing and damping material was on hand showing an impressive attention to detail. Bracing in the bookshelf on display included both diagonal and vertical bracing. The reddish material is a hard rubber [Triad_inRoom2] while empty spaces are filled with acoustical foam. According to the rep, no screws are used in the construction of the InRoom Platinum LCR's - all joints are glued. The InRoom Platinum LCR's run around $6300. For more information visit www.triadspeakers.com

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