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Triad InCorner Silver Omni Speakers

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

Triad Speakers, Inc. exhibited their new InCorner Silver Omni speakers, a solution to tricky room speaker placements. Built to match sonically with the Silver line of speakers, the InCorner speakers mount to the corner of a room, have binding posts on the top, and the grill can be custom matched to your wall color. Acoustical foam line the tweeter in order to reduce the effects of corner loading. The speakers weigh a mere 6 pounds with a stated frequency of 65-20kHz and 6 Ohms. The speakers looked like they would disappear into a room once the grill [Triad_inCorner2] was painted. Sconces may be available in the future to further obfuscate the speaker. At the connection points, rubber gaskets are used to help dampen vibrations. The speakers will retail for $550. For more information visit www.triadspeakers.com .

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