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Jamo Showcases the C80 Series Speakers

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Loudspeakers

So new the sub was just a wooden box with fake controls on the front, the C80 personifies the direction Jamo is heading. Utilizing all new technology that will eventually trickle down into other product lines, the C80 series features a floating tweeter, a honeycombed aluminum phase plugs, arc shaped cabinets, and high gloss finishes. Three different towers may be introduced in starting in July '06 along with a bookshelf speaker, a center channel, a dipole/bipole surround, and a dual 10" aluminum cone sub. Prices have not been set but the largest tower may sell for as low as $1k a piece. Keep your eyes open for this one. For more information visit www.jamo.com . [Jamo_C80a] [Jamo_C80c]


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