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Earthquake 16-Channel Multi-Zone Amplifier

by January 09, 2006
Filed under: Amplifiers

Earthquake Sound Corporation announced the release of their very first multi-zone amplifier. Designed in the USA, the amplifier delivers sound in up to 8-zones and can be bridged to power larger in-wall speakers, towers or even in-wall subwoofers. The Cinénova-16 is a high performance 16-channel Balanced Stereo Audio Amplifier, designed for professional and high-end consumer audio systems. It can supply power to 8 rooms (zones) in stereo @ 75 WRMS per channel. It is also capable of creating a true and complete 8-channel bridged system @ 250WRMS per channel. Its flexibility also allows it to create one high power stereo room @ 200 WRMS, plus an additional six more rooms @ a true 75 WRMS per channel. The Cinénova-16 can have each set of its two channels bridged into one channel and produce 200 WRMS of output power.

Earthquake's Cinénova-16 features individual channel gain controls with an IR from the rooms in addition each channel has a BUS which allows installers to individualize component set up for each room. The Cinenova-16 uses a Bi-file design power supply for maximum power and signal separation. Gold plated binding posts are used for maximum current flow and better output. Also featured are fused indicators, LED status indicators, 12-volt input trigger and RCA inputs. MSRP $2,499.00

For more information, visit www.earthquakesound.com .

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